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16 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Faster, more compact, and readable closure creation commit
  • Run admin/cus-tests.el tests from test suite commit
  • Fix interactive mode tagging for man and woman commit
  • Declare that ignore' and undefined' shouldn't be completed over commit
  • Use undefined' instead of ignore' in wdired commit
  • Fix json.el encoding of confusable object keys commit
  • Make unused variable menu-bar-handwrite-map obsolete commit
  • Convert bubbles menu to easy-menu-define commit
  • Fix previous easy-menu-define conversion commit
  • Convert some progmodes menus to easy-menu-define commit
  • Clarification of password handling in Tramp manual commit
  • Fix memory leak commit
  • Convert makefile-mode menu to easy-menu-define commit
  • Mute noisy test fixture for socks.el commit
  • Change command-completion-using-modes-p to defun commit
  • Mention `M-S-x' in the Emacs manual. commit
  • Fix typos in last change commit
  • Add a new command for mode-specific commands commit
  • Change how (declare (modes store the data commit
  • Add the `always' function commit
  • Use raw bytes for SOCKS 4 IP addresses commit
  • Add more auth-related tests for socks.el commit

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