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17 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Make Tramp's insert-directory more robust commit
  • Fix insertion logic of newly subscribed Gnus groups commit
  • Add more assertions to recently-added process test. commit
  • Fix recently uncovered 'make check' failures commit
  • Add support for dired compressing .lz/.lzo files commit
  • Properly initialize gnus-search-namazu-index-directory commit
  • Make (subdirs . nil) in .dir-locals.el work commit
  • Fix missing file&line info in "Unknown defun property" warnings commit
  • Provide a (thing-at-point 'url) in eww buffers commit
  • Add a mechanism for buffer-local thing-at-points commit
  • Use single post-command-hook on hl-line modes commit
  • Add a unit test testing interaction between threads and processes. commit
  • Avoid a few compilation warnings in Objective-C code. commit
  • Add a FIXME comment to improve the SIGCHLD race condition handling. commit
  • Mark both ends of self-pipe a nonblocking. commit
  • Fix failed autorevert test on emba commit
  • Add scale factor in display-monitor-attributes-list. commit
  • Clean up the recently added self-pipe mechanism for WINDOWSNT commit
  • Erase the buffer only after fetching the new contents commit
  • lisp/simple.el (newline-and-indent): Disable electric-indent-mode commit
  • Mention undo-amalgamate-change-group in the lispref manual commit
  • Work around __has_attribute bug in clang 3.4 commit
  • Prepare for update from Gnulib commit
  • Fix up previous mh-speed.el ignored variable change commit
  • Add more isearch-related bindings to ns-win.el commit
  • Make nnml handle invalid non-ASCII headers more consistently commit
  • Use RemoteCommand option for Tramp's sshx and scpx methods commit
  • Calc: use big brackets around function arguments commit
  • Fix last change for DOS_NT systems commit
  • Enable TTY mouse-face support when built without GPM support commit
  • Fix spurious "Lexical argument shadows the dynamic variable" due to inlining commit
  • lisp/net/webjump.el: Add Maintainer: emacs-devel. commit
  • Don't have type-break-mode signal errors on corrupted files commit
  • Fix message.el build warning from previous change commit
  • Add dired support for compressing .pax files commit
  • Tweak previous message-forward-included-mime-headers change commit
  • Make Message respect header removal instructions more commit
  • A better fix for 'kill-visual-line' commit
  • Fix thinko in previous footnote.el change commit
  • Use lexical-binding in all the cal-*.el files commit
  • Use calendar-read-sexp instead of the now obsolete calendar-read commit
  • lisp/calendar/cal-french.el (calendar-french-accents-p): Obsolete function commit
  • lisp/calendar/calendar.el (calendar-read-sexp): New function commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile--declare-var): Fix warning commit
  • Fix recent remember-diary-extract-entries change commit
  • checkdoc-spellcheck-documentation-flag doc string improvement commit
  • Revert "Always send Lisp words to checkdoc-ispell-init" commit
  • Always send Lisp words to checkdoc-ispell-init commit
  • Move the ‘declare’ form before the interactive spec in 10 functions. commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el (byte-optimize-lapcode): Add 2 new opts commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el (byte-optimize-lapcode): Move some opts. commit
  • Fix footnote-mode problem when reopening an old file commit
  • cua-toggle-global-mark doc string clarification commit
  • Fix environment handling in tramp-handle-make-process commit
  • Respect remember-save-after-remembering on remember-diary-extract-entries commit
  • Add option remember-text-format-function commit
  • Add option remember-diary-regexp commit
  • Tweak tty-find-type to allow TERM=screen.xterm commit
  • Make symbol-at-point return nil if there's no symbols in the buffer commit

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