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17 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Make imagemagick images less blurry. commit
  • Revert "Make `symbol-at-point' work in buffers with no symbols" commit
  • Don't add Content-Type when ceasing an rmail edit commit
  • Make `symbol-at-point' work in buffers with no symbols commit
  • Fix up example in the Modifying Menus node in the lispref manual commit
  • Mention that the mouse will switch on transient-mark-mode in manual commit
  • Make sh-mode use `auto-mode-interpreter-regexp' commit
  • test/lisp/replace-tests.el: Add nested match group test commit
  • Do not add unnecesary arg constraints (bug#45812 bug#45705 bug#45751). commit
  • Make child signal read pipe non-blocking. commit
  • Declare some project commands interactive-only commit
  • Better check for nil in search-/query-replace-highlight-submatches (bug#45973) commit
  • Calc: use Unicode brackets in Big mode when available (bug#45917) commit
  • etc/NEWS.19: Add entry for indent-line-to commit
  • Some Tramp fixes, resulting from test campaign commit
  • lisp/startup.el: Fix bug#45857, bug#30994, and bug#45913. commit
  • Only show "2x entries" i vc log buffers if needed commit
  • Parse square root sign in embedded Calc mode commit
  • Missing dynamic variable declarations in Calc commit
  • Fix slow abbrev expansion in `message-mode' in some circumstances commit
  • Don't stop Gnus startup on password failures commit
  • Handle also test/lib-src directory commit
  • Fix list-colors-print handling of callback arg commit
  • Add test for the widget-color-match function (Bug#45829) commit
  • Tweaks to the color widget (Bug#45829) commit
  • Add 'perl-non-scalar-variable' face to perl-mode commit
  • Define keymap-name-history commit
  • Actually make the calc trail window dedicated commit
  • Don't infloop in comint-redirect-results-list-from-process commit
  • Mark the various nxml flags as safa commit
  • Revert "* .gitignore: add src/fingerprint.c" commit
  • Make sure the new window is not too tall commit
  • time-stamp-tests now pass in more locales commit
  • Allow gnus-retrieve-headers to return headers directly commit
  • Fix ibuffer-mark-by-file-name-regexp abbreviations commit
  • Use format-prompt in read-regexp. commit
  • lisp/cedet/ede/proj.el: Enable Project files to load commit
  • Fix recent changes for Cham script commit
  • test/src/xdisp-tests.el: Fix tests to work in batch mode commit
  • Don't double up keys in epa--list-keys commit
  • Fix problem with `epa-list-keys' bugging out commit
  • Avoid macOS NSFilenamesPboardType warning (bug#33035) commit
  • Replace Unix commands with Emacs in process tests. commit
  • Revert "; Revert recent byte-compiler optimizations which break native-comp" commit
  • Run dead code removal always before fwprop, optim bootstrap time (~20% less) commit
  • Introduce `comp-fwprop-max-insns-scan' as heuristic threshold commit
  • Make `comp-enable-subr-trampolines' effective for advices (bug#45854) commit
  • Improve support for the Cham script and languages commit
  • Ensure that sentinels are called during 'accept-process-output'. commit
  • Add new targets to test/Makefile commit
  • Add a bit more clarification around standard error processes. commit
  • lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Add support for not to pred commit
  • Don't crash if no asynchronous process has been created yet. commit
  • Fix deadlock when receiving SIGCHLD during 'pselect'. commit

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