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18 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Fix `byte-compile-file' for native compilation (bug#45442) commit
  • Fix missing float handling into `comp-cstr-set-cmp-range' commit
  • Follow get-buffer-create change commit
  • lisp/forms.el (forms--run-functions): New function commit
  • Fix test/src/process-tests on MS-Windows commit
  • Rename Tramp method "media" to "mtp" (Bug#45402) commit
  • Remove unnecessary lhs rename in `comp-ssa-rename-insn' commit
  • Enable integer range narrowing under compare and branch commit
  • Avoid missing email messages due to rmail-spam-filter commit
  • Improvements for `:base-uri' svg image property commit
  • Fix messages with plural forms in todo-mode.el commit
  • Fix issues with lib/malloc out-of-dir builds commit
  • Kill the scdaemon after doing the mml-sec tests commit
  • Fix infloop in memory-report commit
  • Fix package reloading problems on systems with symlinks commit
  • Refactor package--list-loaded-files for easier debuggability commit
  • Disable some semantic tests on systems without g++ commit
  • Fix gpg-agent killing in mml-sec-tests commit
  • Tag another Tramp test :unstable on emba commit
  • Tag Tramp test :unstable commit
  • Fix last change commit
  • Add support for more EBCDIC code pages IBM2XX commit
  • Don't compile Gnulib's 'free' on MinGW commit
  • Revert "Import posix_spawn from Gnulib." commit
  • Revert "Use posix_spawn if possible." commit
  • Use posix_spawn if possible. commit
  • Import posix_spawn from Gnulib. commit
  • Update Gnulib. commit
  • Adjust test_module to recent Gnulib changes commit
  • Adjust to recent Gnulib changes commit
  • Pacify gcc 10.2 -Wanalyzer-null-argument in gtkutil.c commit
  • Don't emit byte op-code annotations in LIMPLE to optimize for compile-time commit
  • Add more details to the "word processor" section commit
  • cperl-mode: Correctly syntax highlight index/value array slices commit
  • Make `remove-hook' interactive commit
  • Allow `string-limit' to work on encoded strings commit
  • Remove `string-slice' -- it's not very well defined commit
  • Unbreak the build on *BSD and Macos after previous gnulib merge commit
  • Fix the MinGW build broken by Gnulib update commit
  • Unbreak the MinGW build broken by recent changes in callproc.c commit
  • Update Gnulib. commit
  • Ensure that Gnulib objects in subdirectories are built correctly. commit
  • Memoize `comp-subtype-p' commit
  • Constrain only mvars that are actually used commit
  • Use `comp-assign-op-p' into dead code elimination pass commit
  • Fix logic for constraining block with multiple predecessors commit
  • Symplify (not t) => nil and (not nil) => t commit
  • Extend cstrs pass to match `unless' like code commit
  • Extend cstrs pass to match `when' like code commit
  • Centralize subprocess creation in a single function. commit
  • Invert basic block argument order in LIMPLE cond-jump commit
  • CC Mode: introduce a new cache for brace structures. This fixes bug #45248 commit
  • src/dispnew.c (sit_for): Fix bug#45292 commit

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