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18 months ago

Commits since last release

Check upstream for the full history.

  • Declare argument vector as char *const *. commit
  • Pass C string pointer to current directory to 'child_setup'. commit
  • Negate only values while constraining variables (bug#45376) commit
  • Fix non range cstr union operation commit
  • Allocate environment block before forking. commit
  • Follow cstr basic blocks to perform latch recognition commit
  • Reject filenames containing NUL bytes. commit
  • Remove an unused parameter from 'child_setup' function. commit
  • Make input constraints into memoization hash immutable (bug#45376) commit
  • Show image as text when trying to search/replace in image buffer (bug#25905) commit
  • Improve the string-limit doc string commit
  • Allow string-slice to take zero-length matches commit
  • Revert recent server.el frame-focus changes commit
  • Handle gracefully href="" in base tags in shr commit
  • Fix use of obsolete 'emergency' warning level commit
  • Fix use of obsolete 'error' warning level commit
  • Use new NSString lisp methods commit
  • Fix --with-nativecomp Windows build (bug#45303) commit
  • Align the word "Function" in profiler's headers over the actual functions commit
  • Ensure that Gnus servers are open(able) before searching them commit
  • Align profiler's header-line-format to column 0, to work correctly on tty's commit
  • Re-order the items in `profiler-report' output. commit
  • Reorganize Tramp header lines commit
  • Fix wdired-get-filename when ls -F marks symlinks commit
  • Make string-pad take an optional START parameter commit
  • Change the string-limit parameter semantics commit
  • Further string-clean-whitespace tweaks commit
  • ruby-mode-set-encoding): Use 'save-restriction' commit
  • Tiny string-clean-whitespace simplification commit
  • Make string-chop-newline more efficient commit
  • Make string-clean-whitespace work on non-ASCII whitespace, too commit
  • Add try-completion to the string shortdoc commit
  • Add string-chop-newline commit
  • Fix recent string utility additions commit
  • Fix shorter-than-length case for string-limit commit
  • Fix a test in auth-source-tests.el commit
  • Fix a bunch of known type specifiers commit
  • Fix `comp-add-call-cstr' and add a test commit
  • Fix value type inference for doubly negate constraints commit
  • Fix native compiler tests when they are bytecompiled commit
  • Simplify correctly (or (integer 1 1) (not (integer 1 1))) as t commit
  • Guarantee fwprop convergence and termination commit
  • Allow for overlapping src and dst in cstr set operations commit
  • Symplify type specifier (not t) as nil commit
  • Enhance type inference constraining function arguments commit
  • Allow for modifying insn-cell inside `comp-loop-insn-in-block' commit
  • Rename comp-cond-cstr into comp-add-cstrs commit
  • Two minors in comp.el commit

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