github mpsq/emacs-gcc-wayland-devel-builder

18 months ago

Short summary

Check upstream for more details.

  • Fix a test in auth-source-tests.el commit
  • Fix a bunch of known type specifiers commit
  • Fix `comp-add-call-cstr' and add a test commit
  • Fix value type inference for doubly negate constraints commit
  • Fix native compiler tests when they are bytecompiled commit
  • Simplify correctly (or (integer 1 1) (not (integer 1 1))) as t commit
  • Guarantee fwprop convergence and termination commit
  • Allow for overlapping src and dst in cstr set operations commit
  • Symplify type specifier (not t) as nil commit
  • Enhance type inference constraining function arguments commit
  • Allow for modifying insn-cell inside `comp-loop-insn-in-block' commit
  • Rename comp-cond-cstr into comp-add-cstrs commit
  • Two minors in comp.el commit
  • Add a type specifier test to comp-cstr-tests.el commit
  • Enumerate and split type specifier tests in comp-tests.el to ease debug commit
  • Improve constraint simplification logic in comp-cstr.el commit
  • Fix a number of type specifier simplification tests commit
  • Improve comp-fwprop pass commit
  • Add mvar pretty print support when dumping LIMPLE commit
  • Fix Windows build link-time zlib error (bug#45303) commit

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