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6 months ago

This release mainly contains improvements and bugfixes for the annotation editor functionality.

Changes since v4.0.269

  • Bump the stable version in pdfjs.config by @timvandermeij in #17339
  • Don't throw when there isn't enough data to get block info in flate stream by @calixteman in #17340
  • [Editor] Avoid to add a new ink editor when we aren't editing anymore by @calixteman in #17344
  • [Editor] Add a new editor to highlight some text in a pdf (bug 1866119) by @calixteman in #17317
  • [Editor] Move the alt text button in the editor toolbar by @calixteman in #17329
  • [Firefox] Remove the FirefoxCom.requestSync method by @Snuffleupagus in #17338
  • [Editor] Fix subtype for telemetry data (follow-up of #17329) by @calixteman in #17351
  • [Editor] Fix the colors in HCM when hovering a button in the editor toolbar by @calixteman in #17352
  • Use "count" and not "clickCount" when calling by @whimboo in #17358
  • Remove the "transitionend" event listener from the default viewer (issue 17347) by @Snuffleupagus in #17360
  • [Firefox] Restore opening of PDF attachments (issue 17353, bug 1867764) by @Snuffleupagus in #17363
  • [Editor] Disable mouse events when leaving the highlight mode by @calixteman in #17364
  • fuzz: initial integration by @manunio in #17337
  • Modernize the calculateMD5 and verifyManifestFiles test helper functions by @timvandermeij in #17367
  • [Editor] Make sure that all layers are disabled when an editing session is done by @calixteman in #17370
  • [Editor] Always give the focus to the ink editor when starting drawing (bug 1867588) by @calixteman in #17375
  • [Editor] Avoid conflicts between new persistent refs and the ones created when saving (bug 1865341) by @calixteman in #17374
  • Remove the unused --editor-toolbar-active-bg-color CSS variable (PR 17352 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #17377
  • [Editor] Don't remove elements from the draw layer after it has been destroyed by @calixteman in #17380
  • [Editor] Highlight must keep selected after the document has been scrolled by @calixteman in #17381
  • Set text field value as a string when it's for a date or a time (bug 1868503) by @calixteman in #17385
  • [Editor] Add a color picker with predefined colors for highlighting text (bug 1866434) by @calixteman in #17359
  • Remove focus from the toggleButton when closing the sidebar with a mouse (issue 17361) by @Snuffleupagus in #17386
  • [Editor] Avoid to have a color picker for highlighting twice in the main toolbar by @calixteman in #17388
  • Use page.evaluateHandle when we want to await on document promises in integration tests by @calixteman in #17387
  • Update Puppeteer to version 21.6.0 and force "CDP" protocol by @whimboo in #17393
  • Switch Puppeteer tests from CDP to WebDriver BiDi by @whimboo in #17172
  • Limit the amount of console "spam" during fuzz tests (PR 17337 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #17372
  • Collect a few non-MOZCENTRAL AppOptions default values together by @Snuffleupagus in #17391
  • Support Annotations with corrupt /BS-entries by @Snuffleupagus in #17395
  • Re-factor how the sandboxBundleSrc option is passed to PDFScriptingManager by @Snuffleupagus in #17397
  • Don't run beforeunload callback when closing page in integration tests by @calixteman in #17398
  • Set a print listener as soon as possible in the autoprint integration test by @calixteman in #17400
  • Bump actions/setup-python from 4 to 5 by @dependabot in #17411
  • Bump actions/deploy-pages from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in #17412
  • Adds missing button closing tag by @emielmolenaar in #17415
  • [Editor] Add some missing strings to localize for highlighting by @calixteman in #17414
  • Modernize the code in the test/downloadutils.mjs file by @timvandermeij in #17431
  • Center radio button checkmark by @jdanyow in #17429
  • Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #17435
  • Bump github/codeql-action from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in #17434
  • Revert "Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4" by @Snuffleupagus in #17436
  • Prevent errors in AnnotationEditorUIManager.destroy if the altTextManager is undefined by @pulsejet in #17445
  • Toggle the visibility of the outlineOptionsContainer, in the sidebar, using only CSS by @Snuffleupagus in #17441
  • Attempt to further reduce re-parsing for globally cached images (PR 11912, 16108 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #17428
  • Update packages and translations by @Snuffleupagus in #17456
  • Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #17460
  • Bump actions/deploy-pages from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #17461
  • Remove the internal "toolbarreset"/"secondarytoolbarreset" events and slightly re-factor the code by @Snuffleupagus in #17464

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