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11 months ago

This release primarily features improvements and bugfixes for the annotation editor.

Changes since v3.9.179

  • Bump versions in pdfjs.config by @timvandermeij in #16769
  • Add the color changes in the annotation storage by @calixteman in #16767
  • Fix typo in the baseVersion commit hash (PR 16769 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #16770
  • Make sure WillPrint ran before starting printing by @calixteman in #16766
  • [GeckoView] Add missing CSS variables for the dialog functionality by @Snuffleupagus in #16771
  • [Editor] Limit image types to the ones supported by the browser (bug 1846230) by @calixteman in #16773
  • [api-minor] Don't print hidden annotations (bug 1815196) by @calixteman in #16029
  • [GeckoView] Allow to query pdf.js to know if we can avoid to print a pdf (bug 1846296) by @calixteman in #16776
  • [api-minor] Deprecate the PDFDocumentProxy.getJavaScript method by @Snuffleupagus in #16779
  • [Editor] Let SVG images be resized horizontally/vertically without keeping the aspect ratio (bug 1846727) by @calixteman in #16780
  • [Editor] Use a getter and not a function for the _checkIfSVGFitsInCanvas (bug 1846727) by @calixteman in #16784
  • [Editor] Stop the resize session when the window is blurred by @calixteman in #16786
  • [Editor] Refactor dragging and dropping an editor (bug 1802895, bug 1844618) by @calixteman in #16781
  • Update packages and translations by @Snuffleupagus in #16795
  • Attempt to expose e.g. pdfjsLib globally regardless of how the library is imported (issue 16778) by @Snuffleupagus in #16790
  • Use the round CSS function in the setLayerDimensions helper function by @Snuffleupagus in #16794
  • [Editor] Change the resize cursors to bidirectional variants by @Snuffleupagus in #16799
  • [Editor] Fix the dimensions of the annotation editor layer (follow-up of #16794) by @calixteman in #16798
  • [Annotation] Strip out the array index in the path only when the path is from a terminal node (bug 1847733) by @calixteman in #16807
  • Take fill-alpha into account with default icons for FileAttachment annotations (issue 16800) by @Snuffleupagus in #16804
  • [Editor] Move the stamp button on the right of the pen one (bug 1847707) by @calixteman in #16802
  • [Editor] Fix the resizing of an editor when it's rotated (bug 1847268) by @calixteman in #16793
  • [Editor] Avoid to add a new line when hitting enter with a selected freetext editor by @calixteman in #16808
  • [Editor] Move an the editor div in the DOM once a translation with the keyboard is done by @calixteman in #16809
  • [Editor] Avoid to unselect some editors when the main window is focused by @calixteman in #16812
  • [Editor] Move the parameter elements for FreeText and Ink annotations at the right place (follow-up of #16802) by @calixteman in #16813
  • [Editor] Avoid to add a cancelled added image in the undo/redo stack by @calixteman in #16818
  • Introduce even more optional chaining in the code-base by @Snuffleupagus in #16815
  • [Editor] Avoid to have slightly truncated images because of non-integer canvas dimensions by @calixteman in #16820
  • [Editor] Add the possibility to move all the selected editors with the mouse (bug 1847894) by @calixteman in #16811
  • [Editor] Don't forget to encrypt image streams (see issue #16821) by @calixteman in #16822
  • Fallback to check all pages when getting the pageIndex of FieldObjects by @Snuffleupagus in #16823
  • [Editor] Avoid to unselect when a new page is rendered by @calixteman in #16824
  • [Editor] Avoid showing the context menu or resizing when a resizer is right clicked by @calixteman in #16825
  • Re-factor PDFViewerApplication._initializeAutoPrint slightly (PR 16779 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #16810
  • [Editor] Add a button to explicitly add an image (bug 1848108) by @calixteman in #16819
  • [Editor] Remove the stamp editor displayed when the image was loading (bug 1848313) by @calixteman in #16826
  • [Editor] Add the possibility to paste an image from the clipboard (bug 1848317) by @calixteman in #16828
  • Remove the src/core/ Babel excludes, since they no longer seem necessary by @Snuffleupagus in #16829
  • Remove the "no-babel-preset" comment used with the LIB build-target (PR 16829 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #16831
  • Avoid using the global workerPort when destruction has started, but not yet finished (issue 16777) by @Snuffleupagus in #16830
  • Improve the "write a new annotation, save the pdf and check that the text content is correct" unit-test (PR 16559 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #16835
  • Add a helper method to reduce duplication in StampEditor.#getBitmap by @Snuffleupagus in #16840
  • Update the StampEditor.isEmpty method to handle File (PR 16828 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #16844
  • Update packages and translations by @Snuffleupagus in #16850
  • Add a unit-test for the "correct" way of using the global workerPort in parallel (PR 16830 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #16834
  • Initialize the PDFWorker.#workerPorts WeakMap lazily by @Snuffleupagus in #16852
  • Add the .mjs file-extension to the EditorConfig by @Snuffleupagus in #16860
  • Add the "aria-controls" attribute to the StampEditor toolbar-button by @Snuffleupagus in #16858
  • Revert fix for bug 1838855 (bug 1849876) by @calixteman in #16862
  • Don't reset all fields when the resetForm argument is an array by @calixteman in #16864
  • Exclude lineEndings, in Annotation-data, in MOZCENTRAL builds (PR 14899 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #16856
  • Introduce more optional chaining in the code-base by @Snuffleupagus in #16875

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