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20 months ago

This release primarily contains bugfixes and optimizations/cleanups, in particular a follow-up on the previous release where a dependency we use could cause installation issues on certain platforms.

Changes since v3.0.279

  • Bump versions in pdfjs.config by @timvandermeij in #15643
  • Changed link for "Gulp's getting started guide" by @SpartanApple in #15649
  • [Form] Don't use field appearances when /NeedAppearances is set to true (bug 1796741) by @calixteman in #15615
  • Prevent interaction with form elements in PresentationMode (issue 12232) by @Snuffleupagus in #15648
  • Move canvas to optionalDependencies by @tamuratak in #15655
  • [api-minor] Let Catalog.getAllPageDicts return an empty dictionary when loading the first /Page fails (issue 15590) by @Snuffleupagus in #15613
  • Use private fields in a few more viewer classes by @Snuffleupagus in #15663
  • Cache the normalized unicode-value on the Glyph-instance by @Snuffleupagus in #15657
  • [api-minor] Initialize the unicode-category lazily on the Glyph-instance by @Snuffleupagus in #15665
  • [api-minor] Propagate the translated font name to TextContentItem for system fonts by @sxyuan in #15659
  • [Annotation] Fix printing/saving for annotations containing some non-ascii chars and with no fonts to handle them (bug 1666824) by @calixteman in #15587
  • Use the full inline image as the cacheKey in Parser.makeInlineImage (bug 1799927) by @Snuffleupagus in #15679
  • Some small AnnotationStorage and StatTimer clean-up by @Snuffleupagus in #15682
  • Change the assert in Parser.findDefaultInlineStreamEnd to a non-PRODUCTION one by @Snuffleupagus in #15686
  • Update packages and translations by @Snuffleupagus in #15689
  • Take the mask-offset into account when rendering repeated image masks (bug 1799927) by @Snuffleupagus in #15688
  • Stop Dependabot from creating its own, otherwise unused, labels by @Snuffleupagus in #15693
  • Bump minimatch from 3.0.4 to 3.1.2 by @dependabot in #15692
  • Normalize fullwidth, halfwidth and circled chars when searching by @calixteman in #15694
  • Initialize the find-related DIACRITICS_EXCEPTION_STR constant lazily by @Snuffleupagus in #15698
  • Move the _isOffscreenCanvasSupported property to the base Annotation class by @Snuffleupagus in #15699
  • Remove unnecessary function names in the src/core/worker.js file by @Snuffleupagus in #15706
  • Move some string helper functions to the worker-thread by @Snuffleupagus in #15701
  • Add localization support for the annotationLayer reference tests (issue 10791) by @Snuffleupagus in #15710
  • Reduce duplication when creating a fallback appearance for MarkupAnnotations by @Snuffleupagus in #15713
  • Remove the overflowing text special-case from scrollIntoView (issue 15714) by @Snuffleupagus in #15721
  • Unblock the load event when the pdf has a password (bug 1801341) by @calixteman in #15727
  • Support FileAttachments with hash-signs in the filename (issue 15729) by @Snuffleupagus in #15730
  • Add support for Optional Content in TilingPatterns (issue 15716) by @Snuffleupagus in #15731
  • Revert "Remove the overflowing text special-case from scrollIntoView (issue 15714)" by @Snuffleupagus in #15740
  • Add a fallback for non-embedded composite Tahoma fonts (issue 15719) by @Snuffleupagus in #15732
  • [api-minor] Deprecate the TextLayer timeout parameter by @Snuffleupagus in #15742
  • Re-factor and simplify the getQuadPoints helper function by @Snuffleupagus in #15715
  • Ensure that the initial document position is always correct with non-default Scroll/Spread modes (issue 15695) by @Snuffleupagus in #15720

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