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23 months ago

This release features bugfixes and accessibility improvements for the new experimental editor mode in the viewer as introduced in the previous release.

Changes since v2.15.349:

#15252 Bump versions in pdfjs.config
#15251 Ignore too small page-canvases in PDFThumbnailView.setImage
#15253 [api-minor] Update the minimum supported Safari version
#15263 Always set a border-radius for RadioButton annotations (issue 15262)
#15264 [Editor] Add some telemetry to know how often the editing features are used (bug 1782254)
#15268 Fix a typo in firefox print service (bug 1777693)
#15271 Skip unknown fields when calculating a value in using AFSimple_Calculate
#15267 [Annotation] Add a div containing the text of a FreeText annotation (bug 1780375)
#15274 [Editor] A pasted FreeText editor was missing when printing/saving
#15275 [Editor] Remove some a11y properties only useful when a FreeText editor is edited
#15282 Enable the ESLint prefer-spread rule
#15261 Don't include images/toolbarButton-editorInk.svg in the gulp components build (issue 15260)
#15281 Remove mozCurrentTransform/mozCurrentTransformInverse usage
#15283 [api-minor] Sort PopupAnnotations already on the worker-thread (PR 11535 follow-up)
#15284 Update packages and translations
#15287 [Editor] Remove use of innerHtml
#15290 Fix OTS issue with empty index (#15289)
#15295 [Editing] Disable buttons until the first page is rendered
#15296 Move the reset-calls to occur last in the toolbar-constructors
#15297 [Editor] Avoid creation of an editor on "wrong" clicks
#15298 [Editor] Ensure an ink editor has the minimal required size after having been pasted
#15279 Remove the extensions/firefox/README.mozilla file (bug 1778567 follow-up)
#15299 Add official support for passing ArrayBuffer-data to getDocument (issue 15269)
#15237 [Annotations] Add some aria-owns in the text layer to link to annotations (bug 1780375)
#15307 [Annotation] Add an aria role comment for FreeText annotations
#15309 Remove the remaining closure in the src/core/function.js file
#15306 Only compile Type3 glyphs when Path2D is supported
#15300 [GENERIC viewer] Export some viewer constants in the default viewer (issue 15294)
#15311 Don't add aria-owns attributes for non-existent elements (PR 15237 follow-up)
#15310 Remove the remaining closures in the src/core/cff_parser.js file
#15313 Move binarySearchFirstItem back to the web/-folder (PR 15237 follow-up)
#15319 Refresh the viewer if the window resolution changes (bug 1784850)
#15318 A couple of small PDFWorker changes
#15315 Remove the remaining closures in the src/core/type1_parser.js file
#15325 Ignoring "resize" events during printing (issue 15324)
#15327 Correctly mimic the proper event-format in AnnotationElement._setDefaultPropertiesFromJS (bug 1785218)
#15329 [api-minor][Annotations] charLimit === 0 means unlimited (bug 1782564)
#15338 Update packages and translations
#15332 [api-minor] Add the Babel targets-option to avoid transpiling code for unsupported browsers
#15335 Ensure that we don't try to re-open, or update the password-callback, when the password dialog is already open
#15348 [editor] Change the focus-outline to blue (bug 1787296)
#15347 Update types in PDFPageViewOptions to properly declare optional parameters
#15355 Always focus the viewerContainer when entering PresentationMode (bug 1787456)
#15344 Enable the unicorn/prefer-array-find ESLint plugin rule
#15343 Use AbortController unconditionally with the Fetch API
#15341 Improve handling of the "Cancel"-button in the password dialog
#15346 [api-minor] Deprecate the imageLayer functionality
#15351 [api-minor][editor] Indicate, in the title, if the document has been edited (bug 1785854)
#15349 [editor] Remove the editorNone toolbar button (bug 1787295)
#15356 Update the Node.js atob/btoa compatibility info

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