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#6753 Wraps worker script if its cross-origin location is detected.
#6915 Refactor lookup hash tables/objects
#6934 Adjust a comment discussing transferred ArrayBuffers, to refer to those buffers being detached, not neutered (consistent with bug 1079844)
#6921 Always display deprecated messages, regardless of the verbosity setting
#6940 Ensure that we don't modify the Dict data when the Differences array of a font contains indirect objects
#6953 Correct the upper bound used when building the transferMap for SMasks (PR 6723 followup)
#6904 Destroy workers when they are no longer needed in the unit tests
#6913 Improve work-around for importScripts bug.
#6938 Fix 'Ready' message sequence for Firefox ext disabled worker.
#6933 Make type 1 font program decryption faster.
#6954 Various setGState improvements
#6971 Replace getAll with getKeys in PartialEvaluator_hasBlendModes to speed up loading of badly generated PDF files (issue 6961)
#6941 Allow local PDF files to be viewed in local frames
#6973 Fix a typo in api.js
#6972 Replace getAll with getKeys in loadType3Data
#6975 Get rid of getAll usage in colorspace.js
#6939 Use UglifyJS to minify files in minified target
#6856 move hasHtml to AnnotationElement
#6982 Remove the only remaining Dict_getAll usage (in evaluator.js) and the method itself
#6987 Remove Opera from the README file as they removed the extension
#6985 Remove XHTML leftovers from the viewer HTML files
#6998 [api-minor] Change getOutline to actually return the RGB color of outline items
#6984 Update JpegImage.getData to support forceRGBoutput for images with numComponents === 1 (issue 6066)
#7007 [Addon] Catch errors in getFindBar (in PdfStreamConverter.jsm) to fix loading of PDF files in the bookmark sidebar (bug 1248959)
#7012 [api-minor] Don't render highlight/underline/squiggly/strikeout annotations that doesn't have popup
#7009 [api-minor] Always expose data.title and data.contents for TextAnnotation
#6988 Implement support for FileAttachment annotations
#7016 Group popup creation code and apply it to more annotation types
#7030 Remove the hasImage property from PDFThumbnailView
#7031 Add a default title for outline items, to prevent display issues if the title is missing
#7036 [SVG] Specify the PDFJS.cMapUrl/PDFJS.cMapPacked parameters in the svgviewer example
#7035 Ensure that PDFFindController_reset actually resets all state (issue 7034)
#7038 Move the sidebar related code from viewer.js into PDFSidebar
#7040 Remove PDFThumbnailViewer_ensureThumbnailVisible
#6879 Makes PDF data reading Streams API friendly.
#7049 Avoid accidentally getting the entire font file in readNameTable (issue 7020)
#7023 Only draw glyphs on canvas if they are in the font or the font file is missing.
#7050 For CIDFontType2 use CID as glyph ID when missing CID to GID map.
#7052 Reverts back un-need change made at #6879.
#6943 Add support for bold/italic styled outline items in the viewer
#7054 Correct a minor name issue in the outline viewer code
#7061 Introducing gulp
#7063 Migrate clean and importl10n target to gulp
#7029 [PDFThumbnailView] Re-factor the canvas to image conversion such that we always render to a canvas, and then replace it with an image once rendering is done
#7046 fonts.js: bad metric overrides when values are zero
#7069 Convert uniXXXX glyph names to proper ones when building the charCodeToGlyphId map for TrueType fonts (bug 1132849, issue 6893, issue 6894)
#6906 avoid apply transform twice for composite context
#7084 Revert renaming node make to gulp for mozcentral
#7088 Pass the PDFJS.postMessageTransfer parameter to the worker, so that the MessageHandler can be setup correctly in createDocumentHandler (issue 6957)
#7093 Use the correct path when checking if a /l10n directory exists, to avoid errors during gulp importl10n (PR 7063 followup)
#7039 Refactors CMapFactory.create to make it async
#7098 Ensure that TrueType font tables have uint32 checksums
#7100 Removes core/stream circular dependency on core/parser.
#7005 Fixes insertion of blank pages during print if page sizes differ
#7108 Removes frontWindow usage from the stream converter.
#7113 Disables issue6961 test.
#7053 Removes global PDFJS usage from the src/core/.
#7122 Allow unit-tests to use linked PDF files, by having the unittest command download unavailable ones (issue 7117)
#7118 Prevent failures in the Annotation code if the Rect array contains indirect objects (issue 7115)
#7129 Updates Jasmine version.
#7128 Add unit-tests for destionations in /Names (NameTree) dictionaries where all entries are indirect objects
#7102 Log uncaught global errors.
#7133 Faster unit-tests by using beforeAll/afterAll in api_spec.js
#7066 Parse Type1 font files to determine the various Length{n} properties, instead of trusting the PDF file (issue 5686, issue 3928)
#7078 Refactor the building of toFontChar for non-embedded fonts
#7106 Keep track of the character to glyph mapping in font_renderer.js, to prevent errors when different characters point to the same glyph (issue 7101)
#7134 Refactors to remove stream.js dependency on colorspace.js
#7107 Detect premature worker load error
#7146 Extract CFFParser and Type1Parser from fonts.js
#7148 Forces UMD header to have relative path and extension for CommonJS.
#7114 [Bug 1237908] Make pdf.js use the correct principal origin attributes when loading …
#7144 Prepare viewer.js for async loading and module separation.
#7150 Initial browserify example.
#7158 Update Webpack and Browserify example README files
#7169 Specifies package format for jspm.
#7164 Use beforeAll/afterAll in isExternalLinkTargetSet in dom_utils_spec.js (issue 6905)
#7126 Move all PDFJS display/ usages into global.js file.
#7097 Prevents document zooming if still scrolling and meta keys pressed (Issue #7022)
#7170 Prevent the entire viewer from zooming, when quickly switching from scrolling to zooming using the mousewheel (PR 7097 followup)
#7174 Use beforeAll/afterAll in CipherTransformFactory in crypto_spec.js (issue 6905)
#7171 Remove the remaining usages of new {Name,Cmd} in favor of {Name,Cmd}.get
#7175 Use beforeAll/afterAll in font_spec.js (issue 6905)
#7178 Removes hijack describe() hack from unit tests.
#7176 Allow SMask be resumed after restore() and better transform after SMask
#7184 [Bug 1260585] Stops bleeding of pattern edges for mesh.
#7185 Support almond.js #7177
#7189 Removing "entry-loader" dependency from webpack.
#7172 Introduces UMD headers to the web/ folder.
#7191 Export the DefaultAnnotationLayerFactory to prevent the viewer components from breaking (PR 7172 followup)
#7201 Ensure that the params parameter of the PredictorStream is a dictionary (issue 7200)
#7197 Remove combineUrl and replace it with new URL. Issue #7183, for reference.
#7190 Dispatch a sidebarviewchanged event in PDFSidebar when the view changes
#7116 Refactor LinkAnnotation slightly, improve handling of the GoToR action, and add unit-tests
#7206 Expose a few non-classes on PDFViewerApplication
#7207 Convert the hand tool to a class
#7211 Add a couple of CipherTransformFactory unit-tests for blank passwords, and move the isDict unit-tests to the correct file
#7210 Split the two paths in PDFImage.resize into separate helper functions, placed in colorspace.js and image.js
#7219 Convert the password prompt to a class
#7233 Adjust incorrect first obj number of "free" xref entry in XRef_readXRefTable (issue 7229)
#7209 Moves all document.getElementById lookups into viewer.js
#7235 Version 1.5

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