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#8778 Use Uint8ClampedArray, when returning data, and remove manual clamping in src/core/jpg.js (issue 4901)
#8780 Version 1.9.426
#8783 Use Uint8ClampedArray when returning image data in src/core/jbig2.js and src/core/jpg.js
#8785 SVG: Don't render missing glyphs
#8788 Attempt to delay disabling of the attachment view until FileAttachment annotations of the initial page has been parsed
#8792 Fix caching of small inline images in Parser.makeInlineImage (issue 8790)
#8794 Remove the migration code for old localStorage data in ViewHistory
#8557 pdf2svg.js: provides ReadableSVGStream class to serialize a SVG as a stream
#8781 __non_webpack_require__ -> require in SystemJS
#8491 JBIG2 halftone regions and pattern dictionaries
#8807 Remove handling of fallback arguments from PDFViewer.scrollPageIntoView
#8812 Moves global scope out of shared/util.
#8813 Use Array.isArray in the LoopbackPort.
#8810 Cache PdfJs's enabled setting for delayed init
#8800 Try to recover if we reach the end of the stream when searching for the EI marker of an inline image (issue 8798)
#8712 Adds node.js logic for networking tasks for PDF.js
#8822 Disable node libs in pdfjs-dist package.json
#8824 Prevent an infinite loop in XRef.readXRef by keeping track of already parsed tables (bug 1393476)
#8819 Remove any mention of compatibility.js from the "Getting Started" docs (issue 8818)
#8817 Set this.isCancelled in close method of streamSink.
#8820 Remove the ability to pass a scale parameter in the (optional) args object parameter of, args)
#8821 Replace the test-case for issue 8798 with a reduced one (PR 8800 follow-up)
#8826 Enable the for-direction ESLint rule
#8825 Account for broken outlines/annotations, where the destination dictionary contains an invalid /Dest entry
#8796 Implement text rise for the SVG back-end
#8829 Attempt to improve the EI detection heuristics, for inline images, in streams containing NUL bytes (issue 8823)
#8831 Update the gulp minified command to use uglify-es
#8835 Ensure that PDFViewerApplication.error outputs proper messages in FIREFOX/MOZCENTRAL builds
#8768 Adds fetch stream logic for networking part of PDF.js
#8845 Fixes autofetch and firefox nightly fetch streams
#8828 Improve the annotation code by converting to ES6 syntax and removing duplicate code
#8848 Correctly set the credentials of a fetch request, when the withCredentials parameter was passed to getDocument
#8855 Add test for withCredentials option
#8847 Correct the default value for isRenderable in the AnnotationElement constructor, to fix breaking errors when rendering unsupported annotations
#8857 Avoid some redundant type checks in XRef.fetchUncompressed
#8859 Revert PDFPageView.pdfPage reset.
#8862 Replace the isInt helper function with the native Number.isInteger function
#8864 Replace the isArray helper function with the native Array.isArray function
#8775 Re-write PDFHistory from scratch
#8874 Fix the helloworld example by setting the PDFNetworkStream class (PR 8712 follow-up)
#8866 Correctly validate the response status for non-HTTP fetch requests (PR 8768 follow-up)
#8877 Provide checked styles for button widget annotations
#8885 Address a couple of edge-cases in the new PDFHistory implementation (PR 8775 follow-up)
#8889 Replace value === (value | 0) checks with Number.isInteger(value)
#8868 Store the rotation in the ViewHistory/PDFHistory (issue 5927)
#8865 Hide unsupported LinkAnnotations (issue 3897)
#8691 Implement support for square and circle annotations
#8892 Replace var with let in web/genericcom and web/genericl10n
#8891 ES6-ify the code in web/firefoxcom.js
#8893 Combine the common styles and overrides for the annotation layer reference tests
#8808 Fix color of image masks inside uncolored patterns
#8904 Provide a stub for setAttribute in order to use the SVG back-end with Node.js
#8900 Use the SimpleLinkService when running "annotations" reference tests
#8910 Fix #8888: Change behaviour of fetch to make it compatible with XHR.
#8913 For /Filter entries containing Names, ignore the /DecodeParms entry if it contains an Array (issue 8895)
#8909 Check isEvalSupported, and test that eval is actually supported, before attempting to use the PostScriptCompiler (issue 5573)
#8917 Implement support for stamp annotations
#8919 Ignore 'change' events that didn't originate in the viewer (issue 8915)
#8921 support tiff predictor for 16bit
#8901 CCITTFaxStream problem when EndOfBlock is false
#8938 Use font's default width even when 0. (bug 1392647)
#8912 [api-minor] Replace DOMParser with SimpleXMLParser
#8928 Fix #8907: Decode URL to get correct path in node_stream.
#8949 Remove the instanceof AlternateCS check in ColorSpace.parse since it's dead code
#8932 JBIG2 symbol offsets
#8950 Implement support for polyline and polygon annotations
#8724 Implement a PDFSinglePageViewer class (issue 8188)
#8955 Overwrite maxSizeOfInstructions in maxp with computed value.
#8959 Ensure that the same exact version of PDF.js is used in both the API and the Worker
#8962 Check that this.baseUrl is defined before attempting to fetch any data in DOMCMapReaderFactory/NodeCMapReaderFactory
#8968 Split the existing PDFFunction in two classes, a private PDFFunction and a public PDFFunctionFactory, and utilize the latter in PDFDocument to allow various code to access the methods of PDFFunction
#8976 Simplify the disabling of Node polyfills, in gulpfile.js, since we're now using Webpack 3.x
#8971 Closes all promises/streams when handler is destroyed.
#8979 Transform Web Archive URLs to avoid downloading an HTML page instead of the PDF file
#8977 Update all packages to the most recent version
#8981 Update translations
#8983 Remove unused helper code
#8980 Add CDN links
#8990 Added component example for single page viewer
#8994 Fix a regression that (effectively) makes PDFHistory.forward a no-op
#9002 Revert "Closes all promises/streams when handler is destroyed."
#9001 Prevent the annotationLayer from, in some cases, becoming duplicated on the first page when the document loads
#8922 Allow getOperatorList/getTextContent to skip errors when parsing broken XObjects (issue 8702, issue 8704)
#9008 Mispelled isEvalSupported property at FontFaceObject() creation.
#9009 Only warn about unsupported JavaScript, in the viewer, when non-empty actions exist (issue 5767)
#9013 Fix a PDFHistory regression with document hashes of the nameddest=... form
#9027 Replace our WeakMap polyfill with the one from core-js
#9029 Enable the --report-unused-disable-directives ESLint command line option
#9031 Remove all warning/fallback code for obsolete method signatures in web/ files
#9040 Remove the enableHandToolOnLoad preference migration code in web/pdf_cursor_tools.js
JavaScript exists
#9044 Use charstring as plain text when lengthIV is -1.
#9032 Simplify the check, and remove the warning, for the nativeImageDecoderSupport API parameter
#9052 Attempt to clarify the meaning of "extension" in the ISSUE_TEMPLATE
#9054 Replace our Promise polyfill with the one from core-js
#9055 Replace Number polyfills with the ones from core-js
#9058 Replace a few occurences of var with let in already ES6 converted web/ files
#9057 Use let/const instead of var in the printing code
#9061 Adds ECCN response statement
#8986 Version 1.10
#9045 Sanitize name index in compile phase of CFF.
#9046 Extract the actual decoding in CCITTFaxStream into a new CCITTFaxDecoder "class", which the new CCITTFaxStream depends on
#9072 Use stringToBytes in more places

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