github mozilla-mobile/fenix v1.0.0-rc.2
Firefox Preview v1.0.0-rc.2

This is our second release candidate of Firefox Preview 1.0.0. In this build we address the following bugs:

  • #2726 "Start browsing" button must be double tapped to respond
  • #3508 "Send crash report" checkbox is ignored
  • #3538 InflateException TabCounter: Binary XML file line #18: Error inflating class ImageView
  • #3539 InflateException: SessionControlAdapter Binary XML file line #13: Binary XML file line #13: Error inflating class TextView
  • #3544 Reports of not being able to turn off/on search suggestions

Additionally we have decided to disable Send Tab. It will come back in a fast follow update.

latest releases: v91.0.0-beta.6, v90.1.3, v91.0.0-beta.5...
pre-release2 years ago