github morpheus65535/bazarr v1.4.1

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4 months ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Fixed forced subtitles download loop 4029c9f
  • Fixed debug logging of opensubtitlescom provider fb660a0
  • Fixed movies indexing issue e6b9b32
  • Added separate values to whisperai provider for connection and read timeouts 938f6df
  • Embedded Subtitles Provider: handle KeyError for cached paths cdf7296
  • Add Argenteam Dump Provider deef13d
  • Fixed unhandled FileNotFoundError during restore process d758c53
  • Added Sync Optimization for Movies, Series and Episodes to ignore unmonitored items 990448b
  • Fixed improper API call on removal of all blacklist items 3922d52
  • Fixed single blacklist item deletion issue that would remove all the blacklisted subtitles from the same provider at once. c45a2ac
  • Fixed wizdom provider to handle Zip files with more than one (up to two entries). #2351 345408d
  • Fixed improper passing of hi and forced flags when searching a subtitles manually. #2350 e17865a
  • Fixed titlovi provider not being properly throttled and resulting in account locking. #2062 828ac34
  • Fixed issue introduced while merging the new sync feature. #2356 e4ebc64
  • Removed aRGENTeaM provider that have been recently closed. #2352 783e6b3
  • Improved subtitles synchronisation settings and added a manual sync modal 0e648b5
  • Fixed improper closing of resources on exit 0807bd9
  • Added additional variables for custom post processing 0ac9ece
  • Fixed some Whisper issues and added logging level selector for this specific provider c0bbd4f
  • Updated logging to use ISO 8601 date format 549bebc
  • Fixed betaseries parsing issue 902d1e6
  • Fixed podnapisi search results parsing error b11f810
  • Added settings to exclude subtitles from specific provider to be synced #2340
  • Improved error handling for betaseries provider. cb71b11
  • Increased supersubtitles connection timeout and properly deal with invalid JSON returned from their API. 9379d1b
  • Increased podnapisi connection timeout to prevent provider throttling when their servers are slower than usual. 6b304e0
  • Added opensubtitlescom settings to include AI translated subtitles in search results. 5739b9a
  • Added filter to prevent useless Session is disconnected warning in logs 9e75acd
  • Added db migration version to create the missing monitored column in TableShows table of some old instances. 7c40bfe
  • Fixed output encoding for subtitles synchronization. #2323 72bd52c
  • Fixed numeric password issue for authentication. #2326 f2cd79e
  • Fixed function to prevent usage of Python 3.7 5e68fac
  • Fixed exception being raised when setting all numeric password to access the web UI 256ceeb
  • Updated zimuku URL 058a005
  • Silented exception when client session as expired on server side a3b32c3
  • Added support for 7z by upgrading rarfile dependency 4b7cdbc
  • Fixed usage of number only username or password for providers, proxy or postgres. #2309 c97a98d
  • Fixed upgrade subtitles tas not removed from scheduler when disabled in settings. #2308 fd5b087
  • Updated to apprise v1.6.0 55c5384

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