github morpheus65535/bazarr v1.4.0

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.4, v1.4.4-beta.3, v1.4.4-beta.2...
6 months ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Dropped support for Python 3.7 because our dependencies doesn't support it anymore.
  • Fixed Whisper provider to make it throttle longer after ConnectionError #2258
  • Fixed an issue that could clear episodes history in case Sonarr API return something else than valid series or episodes. 97bdf00
  • Improved providers exceptions throttling to reduce useless calls to providers. bc0b101
  • Fixed infinite download retry loop in whisperai provider b25d416
  • Fixed (sqlite3.OperationalError) too many SQL variables issue while inserting too many episodes at the same time. a10e5db
  • Fixed issue with series/movies import using a deleted default languages profile. f2bb48a
  • Modified "no subtitles found" notification to be a message instead of an error. ad65573
  • Fixed improper subtitles being downloaded when HI is required by languages profile. #2293 0f19d79
  • Fixed languages profile creation issue. cb3a274
  • Prevent overwriting season and episode number guessed from file name with db values unless they haven't been properly guessed. #2284 b87aef8
  • Hide clipboard button when is not possible to copy to clipboard 452f8c1
  • Subdivx provider: improve language matching 6d79e6f
  • Improve mods b36b378
  • Fixed an error in previous commit that would prevent episodes syncing. 6925a97
  • Fixed compression type for backup. #2278 54f9570
  • Fixed other issues with subzero_mods parsing. #2276 5234565
  • Fixed issues with SQlite older than 3.35. fe987ba
  • Avoid FileNotFoundError indexing subtitles #2273
  • Improved compression ratio of backup. e3cda5c
  • Improved stability by usinf Python f-string as much as possible to prevent TypeError and improve code readability. 2ad7ddf
  • Fixed issue while parsing enabled mods during subtitles download 225d79e
  • Fixed config.ini conversion by disabling interpolation with ConfigParser that failed with addic7ed cookie. 85c65ec
  • Fixed datatype issue when creating a new languages profile with PostgreSQL. 2a8a403
  • Changing from config.ini to config.yaml c89da3e

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