github morpheus65535/bazarr v1.3.1

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.10, v1.4.4-beta.9, v1.4.4-beta.8...
8 months ago

From newest to oldest:

  • HDBits provider: add search filters d657941
  • EmbeddedSubtitles provider: add blacklist support bee6919
  • HDBits provider: handle JSON errors 0031abc
  • Exposed subtitle file size through API 4e7dedc
  • Fixed hosszupuska website parsing issue. #2246 33af93a
  • Improved throttling duration for some common configuration or connection issues. 09295dc
  • Fixed history logging of downloaded and uploaded subtitles. #2261 2972c38
  • Improved synchronization speed for Sonarr and Radarr. #2260 0f216ab
  • Fixed history logging issue for episodes and movies subtitles. 1f187d8
  • EmbeddedSubtitles provider: update subtitles checker 654934b
  • HDBits provider: improve episode matching 3942264
  • Fixed an additional issue with 85d300f. #2243 807621a
  • Add provider 63335f4
  • Fixed database migration process causing UNIQUE constraint in some edge cases where duplicate ID root folders where stored. #2253 166d0cc
  • Fixed latest migration that cleared history for sqlite users. 0ddadb2
  • Added error logging when trying to determine malformed audio track languages. #2250 81159a0
  • Added logging for 400 error. #2232 e7703ca
  • Fixed Postgres issues while creating new database with v1.3.0. #2249 e2d0647
  • Subdivx provider: improve movies matches
  • Update providers exception regex for Windows e06aad7
  • Fixed some code to prevent arbitrary file read and blind SSRF. 17add7f
  • Removed sucha provider that doesn't exist anymore. #2242 aa0af3f

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