github morpheus65535/bazarr v1.2.2

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.10, v1.4.4-beta.9, v1.4.4-beta.8...
12 months ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Add debugging changes b17a2a5
  • Reverting b6777bc edfbb1a
  • Added experimental Python 3.11 support c92d574
  • Debugging: update subtitle and language representations b6777bc
  • Updated pytz module to support latest timezone changes cd01684
  • Fix path mapping issues ab3c171
  • Subf2m provider: improve episode matching 4921c55
  • Fix issues when saving the notification providers 374e4be
  • Fixed issue in releases page since we upgraded Mantine. 560a697
  • Removed leftover from provider. fc01267
  • Fixed issue where subtitles would get upgraded even if not required anymore by shows languages profile. #2174 d4262e5
  • Subf2m provider: improve queries 304ad16
  • Embedded Subtitles provider: Fix #2171
  • Update language equals mechanism 2b0e435
  • Subf2m provider: add support for IMDB IDs ee1506e
  • Embedded Subtitles provider: handle ASS errors
  • Subf2m Provider: add user-agent header configuration e3c4def
  • Fixed provider. #2169 a13d69d
  • Increase width of the manually search modal 963ce21
  • Fixed some UI issues caused by React and Mantine upgrade. #2167 bc40aba
  • Fixed server side exception throttling when it shouldn't. #2153 3c57381
  • Fixed Chinese translation issue (zh and zt inverted). #2166 b9b97e9
  • Updated apprise module to improve notification system. #2163 07f601f
  • Update all UI dependencies and update React version to 18 #2127
  • Downgrade Axios to fix a settings saving issue. 6a9f875
  • Added support for Portuguese and Simplified Chinese to #2159 ead8a38
  • Added some exceptions that shouldn't be retried to retry function. #2153 2346f3e
  • Language-equals: add compatibility for more providers 4725496
  • Fixed external subtitles indexation with accented characters that resulted in download in loop. #1961 d90d1cb
  • Added feature to treat couples of languages as equal when searching for subtitles 547f8c4
  • Fixed type in provider that could cause AuthenticationError for new users. #2152 baf7a73
  • Specify ffmpeg path in case it's not in PATH envvar #2147
  • Add support for custom languages in audio tracks 585c70c
  • Use literals instead of scripts for custom languages 13f965d
  • Fixed AI and machine translated subtitles being incorrectly returned by bdf4ee8
  • Emergency fix for custom languages issue 015beaf
  • Add mediainfo support for custom languages c06dd62
  • Implemented gzip compression of http requests made to Bazarr 2b5cd2b
  • Subdivx Provider: improve series matching 5f9418b
  • Fixed yify provider MissingSchema exception on download. #2139 a6ecbb4
  • Fixed parsing error 0907269
  • SuperSubtitles provider: fix hungarian subtitles downloads e83f37d
  • Fixed SyntaxError under Python 3.7 09f0a27

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