github morpheus65535/bazarr v1.1.3

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.6, v1.4.4-beta.5, v1.4.4-beta.4...
18 months ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Fixed decimal value of framerate change tools from being rounded to unit. #1999 920e799
  • Removed call to deprecated language profile endpoint in Sonarr v4. #1998 ea5bf9a
  • Refactor settings submit hooks, try to fix issue #1924 30f04fe
  • Fixed issue while guessing episode number from subtitles filename in some edge case. #1994 65c6a67
  • Embedded Provider: improve streams filtering 8c3a844
  • Fixed issue when explicitly requested HI subtitles from, subtitrarinoi or titrari. 29a4842
  • Fixed log an backup download from UI after flask upgrade. 8c944c4
  • Fix #1987
  • Move pageSize in UI settings to backend 9165663
  • Fixed bad subtitles extension exception when uploading subtitles with uppercase extension. #1988 551f57b
  • Fixed issue while downloading movie subtitles. 05cffa9
  • Add 'other' attribute to Video class 923bcb4
  • Fixed some remaining issues with assrt. #1953 118eb09
  • Fixed infinite loop while trying to connect to Sonarr with SignalR permission issue. 0e8ac06
  • Fixed issue with cutoff not enforced when searching for multiple languages at the same time. 2e2626c
  • Refactor Argenteam Provider 52760d8
  • Fixed issue with Sonarr v3 SignalR for good. #1985 4343b7c
  • Revert "Fixed Sonarr v3 SignalR feed not connecting when mono is used to run Sonarr. #1985" c563262
  • Fixed Sonarr v3 SignalR feed not connecting when mono is used to run Sonarr. #1985 a26b86c
  • Added live(SignalR) feeds status for Sonarr and Radarr. b8b916d
  • Add support of string value for badge in navbar 726afcc
  • Subf2m Provider: improve series title matches d6883c2
  • Update database refiner 1ba9404
  • Updated vendored dependencies. bbe2483
  • Add support for configurable scores (movies and episodes) 708fbfc
  • Fixed improper update of providers pool when forced subtitles are involved. #1977 0b8274e
  • Gestdown Provider: Use ShowId to find subtitles. Fixes issue with Slash in show name. #1979
  • Improved assrt provider error message logging. #1953 78f769d
  • Update node packages, fix issues aee1849
  • Subf2m Provider: add support for complete series packs 122398f
  • Improve file picker for season packs 876b42b
  • Improved napiprojekt to search for subtitles using video metadata. bf26dd2
  • Add new hook useSubmitHookWith to dynamically inject the submit hooks #1924 1766cee
  • Try to fix languages profiles editor by introducing a new submit hooks source in the settings page #1924 c08ba5f
  • Fixed blacklist item removal issue. 49fc597
  • Subf2m provider improvements #1973
  • Subdivx Provider: add more search improvements 21359b3
  • Subdivx Provider: improve series matches 2f8814d
  • Subdivx Provider: improve episode queries 71fe2b7
  • Fixed history statistic view not taking timezone into account. d7c8188
  • Fixed another issue with assrt. #1953 0374790

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