github morpheus65535/bazarr v1.1.2

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.10, v1.4.4-beta.9, v1.4.4-beta.8...
20 months ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Fixed another issue with assrt. #1953 7ea452c
  • Update subzero mods daeb28b
  • Fix chip input issue 1a612d1
  • Fix display issue in the search bar 559ec50
  • Upgraded Apprise to 1.1.0 version. 04b0959
  • Fixed maximum number of requests per minute for assrt provider. #1953 167cb5d
  • Fix titulky's subtitle downloading logic a82ab67
  • Embedded Subtitles provider: avoid KeyError 003e033
  • Added support for series monitored status. #1964 af70cf1
  • Fixed use original format when uploading subtitles. #1955 65c0e6b
  • Fix provider pool updates 571ffbc
  • Gestdown: Check for show before checking for subtitle #1962
  • Fixed improper matching. #1960 8348b6c
  • Fixed assrt provider to prevent making too many queries to the API. #1953 0980af1
  • Subdivx Provider: improve spanish detection c791f39
  • Fix popover width in the manual search modal e8d3b6f
  • Use new endpoint for gestdown #1949
  • Fix display issue of the popover in the manual search modal 56fb27a
  • Refactor form validation and fix issues bb8e4f3
  • Fixed episodes subtitles search when notified of import by Sonarr v3 SignalR feed. #1946 c492de8
  • Added update mechanism sooner in the startup process to recover from a failed update more easily once a fixed release is available. d3defa2
  • Fix validation issues of the language profile editor 4826cb8
  • Fixed import error after last commit. a338de1
  • Added Swagger documentation for Bazarr API 131b4e5
  • Upgrade Mantine to Version 5 #1930
  • Upgrade outdated packages cce440a
  • Embedded Subtitles provider: add support for alpha2 tags 803dfe3
  • Fixed authentication issue. #1935 663e8d7
  • Added warnings in Settings-->Providers for broken providers. 61f888c
  • Fixed incorrect IP or already used TCP port from preventing Bazarr initialization. 7a2d239
  • Fix to deal with empty series/movies list during sync. #1941 fa8ddeb
  • Fix #1938
  • Embedded Subtitles provider: improve ASS subtitles filtering 6e52114
  • Ignore mods for non-tested subtitle formats 0bc0523
  • Fixed improper parsing of series metadata when receiving an event from Sonarr SignalR feed. 9361243
  • Improved exceptions logging for events received through SignalR feeds. a880386

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