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2 years ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Subdivx Provider: avoid false positives on episodes search 3f95784
  • Fixed history stats time frame not working properly 4358790
  • Embedded subtitles provider: improve exception handling
  • Fix #1817
  • Legendasdivx provider: improve subtitles ID consistency 23e8472
  • Fixed Titulky provider and made some code maintenance e6551dc
  • Improved search and fixed some issues with Titulky provider a4d9eb6
  • Subdivx Provider: improve episode searching and downloading 883b0fe
  • Add Provider 63eded5
  • Improve episode detection from compressed series packs 75f3ac9
  • SuperSubtitles Provider: fix filetype detection 31e4f83
  • Embedded subtitles provider: add timeout option d3e3e31
  • Fix #1801
  • Supersubtitles provider: Fix AttributeError for some queries (#1792) 7040fbc
  • Removed support for BSplayer providers because it was causing way much issue than providing subtitles. 77da09d
  • Fix ValueError for persistent pools on multithreaded setups 86d6c21
  • Fixed issue with same subtitles downloaded multiple times. #1785 4f42cd9
  • Fixed Plex webhook for series by having a more robust imdb parsing nd some logging in case of exception. #1780 8e07585
  • Improve subtitle tools e18657e
  • Refactor modal system 658237d
  • Fix notifications settings cannot be edited after saved 87c5d0d
  • Fixed update mechanism when running Bazarr from %programdata%\Bazarr on Windows. #1768 5539938
  • Fix #1778
  • Added defer searching missing subtitles on live synchro with Sonarr and Radarr. #1765 012dc1c
  • Fix #1770
  • Fix #1769
  • Fix interactive search cache issues d964f04
  • Fix history button for episode will open up wrong modal b4c82c2
  • Improve feedback in the header 51e1fa1
  • Fix subliminal core: wrong providers being restarted 8c4e83c
  • Fix display issues in the notification center aaf4b7c
  • Fix issues when trying to create background tasks c1a26fd
  • Frontend improvement and cleanup #1690
  • Improved languages profile modal original format dropdown 75100d8
  • Fixed upgrade subtitles function that was trying to upgrade deleted episode/movie subtitles. #1759 f81972b
  • Added languages profile settings to prevent downloaded subtitles from being converted to srt. 33a9e51
  • Fixed Invalid IPv6 URL exception with common fix 6edc196
  • Fixed backups ordering and rotation eb63f05
  • Improved throttling of LegendasDivx provider to prevent IP address blocking by reaching 150 searches a day. #1757 040ddb2
  • Fixed log rotation under Python 3.9 or greater. 2b889fa
  • Fixed titulky provider UnicodeEncodeError 8a9fbbe
  • Fixed network issues from preventing Bazarr startup. d384b93
  • Implemented number input and used it with backup retention and port settings. 0166d9a
  • Fixed knowit provider specification. ce1345a
  • Fixed subtitles translation when there's an empty string in the source file. d13bc73
  • Fixed GetSonarrInfo.version() to make sure it doesn't prevent Bazarr startup. 4b84a9c
  • Fixed opensubtitlescom provider to remove filename from query because it was too specific and reduced number of subtitles returned for no good reason. bd5aae7
  • Fixed cache invalidation on providers' password changes. c2f7446
  • Added backup file size to API and table view. e4c666f

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