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latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.10, v1.4.4-beta.9, v1.4.4-beta.8...
2 years ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Implemented garbage collection after each subtitles synchronization. 0a0f609
  • Reverted auditok to ffsubsync supported version c23ce4a
  • Fix a issue that seleection of the languages profiles could be Unknown on settings page 63f1e63
  • Implemented backup and restore feature for configuration file and database 5bfaba9
  • Fixed improperly calculated missing subtitles when cutoff is enabled and audio language match desired subtitles language. #1731 c020a9e
  • Fix a issue that language profiles won't show in some situations 4bf0555
  • Improve Argenteam results matching (Covers #1728) 644617c
  • Clarified SignalR error for Sonarr ffcbb57
  • Fixed addic7ed subtitles search query to return all languages instead of relying on filter defined in addic7ed profiles. a22bb0f
  • Fixed legendastv issue since rarfile upgrade. #1711 23e2626
  • Fixed external subtitles with unknown language causing exception during indexing. #1709 d160f1e
  • Improved sync with Sonarr/Radarr exceptions management when trying to write to database. #1699 6988d7c
  • Added cookies caching to titulky provider 45f085e
  • Fix database issue with LATAM Spanish custom language a53fc44
  • Fixed JSON parsing exception in supersubtitles provider. #1700 83e36e4
  • Improved resilience and properly deal with the Invalid JSON/Bad Gateway exception. 669bd33
  • Fixed progress not being removed from control center when a search all fails. 63f3454
  • Implemented the functions to read more info from package_info file c91597f
  • Fixed Windows uninstaller being removed during Bazarr upgrade. #1693 e99d58d
  • Improved retry and exception handling in provider. d879128
  • Fixed issue with cutoff and exclude language exclusions were not working as expected. #1691 aa0c2ff
  • Fixed missing tzdata module. #1693 c7500c1
  • Upgraded vendored Python dependencies to the latest versions and removed the unused dependencies. 0c3c5a0
  • Add Embedded Subtitles mergerfs mode 4c15a50
  • Fix a issue that the edit modal will clear the languages profiles if without changing anything dc6bd1f
  • Add React-Query to improve network and cache performance d8d2300
  • Fixed issue where episode name was used as hints for guessit instead of series name. 6b82a73
  • Fixed translation issue when first line is an empty string. #1672 391892f
  • Fixed issue with unrecognized languages while indexing subtitles (mainly for those without a language code in filename). 28663a6
  • Fixed upgrade leftover cleanup to prevent config reset when Bazarr is installed in the same directory as config and database. #1655 a3a8ed9
  • Fixed indexing of unsupported language codes. #1683 9d30414
  • Fixed translation exception on malformed subtitles file. #1672 3b3d6fe
  • Added some failsafe to deal with improper JSON returned from Radarr tags API endpoint. 62ef614
  • Fixed issue with deleted episode file raising a 404 while trying to update from Sonarr. #1676 8764ac5
  • Improve Subdivx provider: use a random cookie to speed up downloads and 8ad4ec9
  • Fixed issue with addic7ed where alternative titles were not used properly in during searches. #1669 dbf0bf2
  • Added settings to change the hearing-impaired subtitles file extension to use when saving to disk. 58a967c
  • Added cookies option for addic7ed to avoid anti-captcha provider requirement 1a03d9f
  • Upgraded guessit to latest version and include new dependencies. f55492a
  • Fixed logging of regex pattern used during upgrade leftover cleanup. #1655 5d3d453
  • Improved readability and maintenance by splitting into multiple files 722014d
  • Added validation for V.I.P. account status in titulky provider 3653ef1
  • Add MustGetBlacklisted exception for redundant download_subtitle calls 1261e91
  • Add hi_fallback option to Embedded Subtitles Provider b90dab0
  • Added support for hearing-impaired version of CustomLanguage 4af4ae1
  • Subdivx provider: Improve scraper d373bc8
  • Fix broken Subdivx provider: update scraper 75926dc
  • Improved server-side error handling 4605164

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