github morpheus65535/bazarr v1.0.2

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.10, v1.4.4-beta.9, v1.4.4-beta.8...
2 years ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Added support for Python 3.10 in startup warning. 6e52ce2
  • Embedded Subtitles provider: fix language error (fix #1653) e65d643
  • Added exclusion settings for season 0 to prevent automatic downloading of extras subtitles. bd7b2eb
  • Refactored adaptive searching and made it configurable 10c3175
  • Fix Addic7ed provider: handle language errors, avoid guessit exception and match version for movies 5d8897f
  • Fix Addic7ed provider TypeError a88f0a7
  • Update embeddedsubtitles provider: use original_path instead of name 048307e
  • Fixed issues with release_info for some providers. #1644 2faed98
  • Improved providers throttling and prevent hammering providers by updating throttled providers on each iteration of the loop. 5ff3fe4
  • Added vip and daily download limit to addic7ed and try to slow down a little to prevent being ip blocked by the provider. 5d1dccd
  • Fixed exception when creating a new languages profile. 6192df6
  • Embedded Subtitles Provider: rebuild language if forced b5c66e1
  • Update Embedded Subtitles provider: add forced and ass-only support 9b74ad8
  • Add Embedded Subtitles provider ffca84a
  • Add fese module for embedded subtitles 409e1a5
  • Add default attribute to Subtitle 718bd2f
  • Implemented words/regex ban list for subtitles 63b326a
  • Fixed throttled providers badges in UI throwing exception. #1631 ca8f3f9
  • Fix hash score in manual search 2cde268
  • Cleaned up and split API to make it easier to maintain. 204a1c3
  • Updated Apprise notification module to the latest providers. d51dc68
  • Upgraded some embedded dependencies to be ready for Python 3.10. This doesn't mean that it's fully supported right now. 402c82d
  • Added support for upcoming Sonarr v4. 2d214bf
  • Fixed missing poster or fanart url from raising an exception when rendering UI. 9b273a7
  • Fix Hosszupuska provider not returning results 247f69c
  • Upgraded module to improve connection stability. Should help to prevent #1613. c60c751
  • Improved sanitize function to replace apostrophe and backticks 592dc79
  • Updated deep-translator module and made some fix to support translation to Chinese. There's still a bug in this module that prevent it but one it's fixed, it should be fine. f082895

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