github morpheus65535/bazarr v0.9.5

From newest to oldest:

  • Added filter for unknown providers in settings. b72d476
  • Tried to fix the issues with bsplayer a555617
  • Added cache to Titlovi request to prevent doing the same request over and over again for each and every episode of a show. 29ad8c6
  • Improved the ffprobe call caching mechanism by storing result to DB and using it for indexing and subtitles search. 33e1555
  • Fix for database cleanup routine on new DB. 386bf19
  • Add database cleanup routine to remove unused table columns. 1ebc618
  • Fix for provider #1397 1c9945f
  • Downgrade auditok to version 0.1.5 30ef713
  • Fix for automatic subsync history logging cc3628a
  • Fix for manual subsync history logging 84a20a3
  • Added Movie/Series Year to Notifier (based on #1393). 6b1d712
  • Fixed episodes manual search button not disabled when no languages profile is selected. cc17e81
  • Fix for forced subtitles improperly upgraded to non-forced. 053adcc
  • Use new wiki address in System Status page 09e98b7
  • Fix display issue of badges when Sonarr or Radarr is disabled 01b7698
  • Improve UI performance 71423d2
  • Add description text on providers selector 6de9a34
  • Fix auth issues by only check auth when requesting webui a742e3c
  • Fix some potential issues when displaying languages d6d9e93
  • Fix issues in language profile modal 65e68d4
  • Fix subtitles display issue on episode page e462686
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