github morpheus65535/bazarr v0.9.4

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.9, v1.4.4-beta.8, v1.4.4-beta.7...
3 years ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Reworked the monitored status of movie detailed view. 3eef317
  • Added monitored status to movie detailed view. e848e10
  • Fixed Yavkanet provider d9e0e2e
  • Added eligible for upgrade icon in histories. 5f66724
  • Fixed upgrade process to properly use asset #1379 b02e0ec
  • Fix app route redirect issues c3c1891
  • Fix issues when testing notifications 385cc21
  • Fixed subtitles upgrade process to properly deal with manual actions 99fc282
  • Update ffsubsync and srt module 4a0932b
  • Extend simpleconfigparser to not strip quotes from the string value 8e91bee
  • Fixed package_info parsing to deal with single line text with \n separator d2b7dba
  • Properly log error when Post processing subtitles 29f73a6
  • Fix issues after updating schedule settings 0107150
  • Added Bazarr user-agent to requests to Sonarr and Radarr a193576
  • Fix Installed badge won't display in release page 74da491
  • Revert "Merged the series and episodes sync process. Episodes are only synced if series sizeOnDisk reported by Sonarr changes." 97caf44
  • Merged the series and episodes sync process. Episodes are only synced if series sizeOnDisk reported by Sonarr changes. 5aadcea
  • Disable add Profile button when enabled languages are empty a99c4d5
  • Added cache support for TuSubtitulo provider 95bef2d
  • Fixed bad protocol for Argenteam provider 940b642
  • Fixed subtitles deletion after blacklisting. 986912b
  • Fixed update mechanism to store asset download url (if available) instead of zipball. 4bc379f
  • Update npm packages to latest version df70a8b
  • Fix issues on Movies Blacklist API 26dc355
  • Added tooltips on hover for history and blacklist pretty date 84adea2
  • Fixed tvsubtitles provider #1354 1a025b6
  • Fixed some providers key to match the actual providers name in subliminal_patch #1353 cc80bd4
  • Updated the init process to get the branch from package_info in docker images 0c09bc2
  • Add popover to movies and episodes for showing original name 08be95c
  • Add feature of going to default page by clicking bazarr icon b1478da
  • Keep expanded state when anything changes in episodes page 3744991
  • Fixed manual search modal matches popover position and width. 1613501
  • Improved the manual search releases dropdown b50e7f4
  • Added Subsynchro provider 25894c4
  • Add a error page when ui is crashed 04fd39b
  • Fix a crash in ui when only one post-processing option is selected 6ef7795
  • Fix for #1336 14fe4b0
  • Fix issues on release_beta_to_dev and bring back CI e0779cb
  • Fixed packages.json creation path 272a1c1
  • Re-enabled dev pipeline with build committed. 6abca59
  • Manually build UI to reflect the changes eb4fbc6
  • Fixed issue with notifications when deleting 89a3d7f
  • Fixed missing build 61e45bb
  • Fixed issue with log entries without exception stack ac8eb62
  • Fixed image proxy when you don't use a base url in Sonarr. 54eb0fc
  • Fixed get_exclusion_clause that do not have the required column due to a missing join. a4684fe
  • Fix a issue when requesting wanted movies d0f8219
  • Commented out build from pipeline. dfc14a6
  • Manually built React templates 184c5f8
  • Removed build from .gitignore 2edabe2
  • Refactored Web UI using React f64719e

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