github morpheus65535/bazarr v0.9.3

From newest to oldest:

  • Improved releases view to show only relevant releases in relation to chosen branch. e70461a2
  • Fixed timeout and error handling in provider. b1dd1906
  • Updated guessit and rebulk to latest version 24c07505
  • Fixed token expiration 762cd61b
  • Fixed Zimuku provider url da469041
  • Fixed TypeError when trying to get video information while all providers are throttled. fa3b773e
  • Fixed encoding/escaping of proxy username and password #1327 cc335863
  • Handle invalid content in the throttled_providers data file c55884dd
  • Use sha1 digest as cache key 9d73ccac
  • Prevent DNS fall back to default server to flood debug log. 00a6437e
  • Added sync subtitles button for whole show and for whole season 300a037c
  • Fixed both Opensubtitles providers when searching for Superman & Lois (amp character issue) da5b7451
  • Add binaries support for Apple M1 chip 68a44caf
  • Fixed path mapping issue when using IP address while debug log is enabled. #1304 1a26b5ba
  • Documented the semver version bundled cb32a9ab
  • Increased the number of releases shown on the UI releases page. 699c0cca
  • Fixed LegendasTV provider that was only using the main series title and not alternative titles. #1303 d9153086
  • Improved bsplayer provider c43219ed
  • Fixed dev branch pipeline to prevent PR from triggering it. a772fda1
  • Fixed TypeError in subliminal_patch sanitize f1cd54c7
  • Fixed Supersubtitles provider #1300 1b987d34
latest releases: v0.9.6-beta.26, v0.9.6-beta.25, v0.9.6-beta.24...
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