github morpheus65535/bazarr v0.9.1

From newest to oldest:

  • Minor UI improvements
  • Added simplified and traditional Chinese subtitles support
  • Fixed LegendasDivx provider
  • Fixed for deleted subtitles getting upgraded even if they aren't there anymore
  • Removed binaries from sources and implemented the just-in-time downloader
  • Added manual subtitles translation using Google Translate
  • Added RAR file support for Subscene
  • Moved GA visitor and throttled providers to dedicated files to prevent config.ini corruption
  • Improved Bazarr releases UI
  • Improved matches on Subdivx provider
  • Improved Sucha provider
  • Improved matches and readability for Argenteam provider
  • Improved TuSubtitulo provider with a full rewrite
  • Added provider
  • Fixed Yavkanet provider
  • Fixed minor logging issue
  • Implemented languages profiles (migrated profiles can be renamed)
latest releases: v0.9.6-beta.29, v0.9.6-beta.28, v0.9.6-beta.27...
4 months ago