github morpheus65535/bazarr v0.9.0.8

latest releases: v1.4.4-beta.9, v1.4.4-beta.8, v1.4.4-beta.7...
3 years ago

From newest to oldest:

  • Fixed provider
  • Fixed manual search button not visible on mobile
  • Fixed UI password being re-hashed when saving general settings
  • Fixed Subs4series provider
  • Fixed Subssabbz and Subsunacs providers
  • Fixed wanted list paging issue
  • Fixed LegendasDivx provider
  • Fixed Subscene provider
  • Improved matching dropdowns in manual search UI if hash match
  • Disabled password upgrade process when moving from 0.8.x to 0.9 as most user have moved to latter version
  • Improved Sucha by using new API
  • Improved database upgrade process
  • Fixed Addic7ed provider

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