github morpheus65535/bazarr v0.9.0.4

Newest to oldest:

  • Fixed Supersubtitles provider
  • Fixed dropdown in manual search modal
  • Improved subtitles file encoding detection
  • Fixed Zimuku provider
  • Fixed custom post-processing interrupting subtitles download under some circumstances
  • Fixed Addic7ed failing to get series list and not splitting release info properly
  • Stopped using year provided by Sonarr and Radarr when refining video object as they are often wrong
  • Implemented hearing-impaired(HI) subtitles identification
  • Improved subtitles synchronisation process by switching voice detection instead of noise
  • Updated Apprise to 0.8.8
  • Fixed audio language indexing with Sonar v2
  • Added more tags to custom post-processing
  • Fixed Wizdom provider
8 months ago