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Version 5.9.0 (September 16, 2019)

  • Features

    • Add iOS 13 support to both SDK and MoPub Sample app.
    • Totally remove UIWebView implementation and comments in MoPub SDK and MoPub Sample app.
    • Add multi-window support for MoPub Sample app in iPadOS 13. New window can be opened by Drag & Dropping an ad cell in the ad list.
    • Remove support for tel and sms functions for MRAID ads.
    • Add Dark Mode support for MoPub Sample app in iOS 13.
    • Remove the Objective C sample app project.
    • Adopt XCFramework and the new Xcode build system with fastlane script updates, and thus require Xcode 11 to build instead of Xcode 9.
    • Remove deprecated VAST extension MoPubViewabilityTracker.
    • Replace deprecated MPMoviePlayerViewController with AVPlayerViewController. This affects MRAID videos.
    • Replace deprecated UIAlertView with UIAlertViewController.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Update MPRealTimeTimer so that it can properly handle foreground notifications that aren't balanced with backgrounding notifications.
    • Fix an assertion crash in GDPR Sync that only happens in debug builds.
    • Present SKStoreProductViewController only in portrait mode, so that we can prevent a SKStoreProductViewController crash in landscape mode (as designed by Apple).
    • Fix an infinite load ad bug that happens when the ad URL to retry is the same as the failed ad URL.
    • Fix a bug where location information is not sent to Ad Server when location permission has been allowed, the app can collect PII, and no app-specified location is set.
latest releases: 5.17.0, 5.16.2, 5.16.1...
21 months ago