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Version 5.8.0 (July 22, 2019)

  • Features

    • Minimum version of the MoPub SDK bumped to iOS 9.
    • StoreKit Improvement: New Apple URL schemes for,, and are now parsed for SKStoreProductViewController.
    • StoreKit Improvement: Affiliate token and campagin token are now parsed for SKStoreProductViewController.
    • Existing banner constants are deprecated in favor of new, configurable height-based constants. To use these, MPAdView's frame must be set before an ad load is attempted.
    • Updated MPAdView's initWithAdUnitId:size:, loadAd, and adViewDidLoadAd: APIs by providing overloads initWithAdUnitId:, loadAdWithMaxAdSize:, and adViewDidLoadAd:adSize: which move the requested ad size to load time instead of at initialization time.
    • SFSafariViewController is now exclusively used for in-app clickthrough destinations.
    • Disallow the sending of empty ad unit IDs for consent.
  • Bug Fixes

    • iOS 13 fixes: Explicitly set modalPresentationStyle for all modals in the MoPubSDK to UIModalPresentationFullSCreen since iOS 13 beta 1 changed the default modal presentation behavior.
    • Fixed occasional crash due with MPTimer by ensuring it is always run on the main runloop.
    • Fixed bug where banner and medium rectangle auto refresh timer was being fired even if the refresh interval was zero.
    • Fixed bug where updated ad targeting parameters were not sent when banners were auto refreshing.
    • Fixed a bug where the UIButton+MPAdditions category was impacting all UIButtons in the app. MoPub-specific UIButton customization is now contained in a subclass.
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