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Version 5.16.0 (February 16, 2021)

  • Features

    • Rewarded ads feature and API improvements.
    • MPRewardedVideo has been renamed to MPRewardedAds. See the API reference for more details.
    • Removed support for the Native Video format.
    • Added 5G cellular support.
    • Deprecated interstitialDidFailToLoadAd:. Use interstitialDidFailToLoadAd:withError: instead.
    • Addressed confusion in the naming and function of the disappear ad lifecycle callbacks.
    • VAST creatives without file extensions will infer file extension from the MIME type.
    • The MoPub SDK's module name has been renamed from MoPub to MoPubSDK due to a limitation with Swift's ability to resolve name collisions between a module and class.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug where consent synchronization is fired twice at app launch.
    • Fixed bug where the failure callback was not fired when a mediated adapter does not exist.
    • Fixed bug where the SKAdNetwork time stamp was parsed as integerValue instead of longLongValue.
    • Fixed bugs related to unintentional initialization of the consent manager when the MoPub SDK not been initialized.
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