github mopub/mopub-ios-sdk 5.14.0

Version 5.14.0 (October 1, 2020)

  • Features

    • Add beta support for OMSDK version 1.3.4.
    • iOS14 support for SKAdNetwork, ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatus, and location changes.
    • Support Pangle as a certified mediation network.
    • Remove Mintegral as a certified mediation network.
    • Bump minimum Xcode version to Xcode 12.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Cleaned up the MoPub Xcode project to properly mark files as public or private.
    • Fixed a bug where an ad may become frozen when SKStoreProductViewController is shown.
    • Fixed a multithreaded crash in MPVastModel.
    • Fixed a bug where videos slightly longer than 15 seconds were skippable. Videos with duration less than 16 seconds are considered unskippable.
latest releases: 5.17.0, 5.16.2, 5.16.1...
8 months ago