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22 days ago

Thank you to all the contributors who made this release possible!




  • settings: hide revoke all tokens section when signed out (0ce2f6afc)
  • account page: use same rounding for top percentage as on leaderboard (fehmer) (#5270) (1890dbdff)
  • notifications: clear all notifications from the command line not hiding clear all button (NadAlaba) (#5257) (17295d7b4)
  • indicate typos: letters not displaying correctly in RTL languages or with ligatures when set to below (NadAlaba) (#5113) (c20964d18)
  • custom text: preserve state of the textarea when applying (sanidhyas3s) (#5186) (b0cf7bc4b)
  • language: russian_10k.json now contains 10000 words (#5232) (8d77c88dc)

Nerd stuff

These changes will not be visible to users, but are included for completeness and to credit contributors.

  • fix(changelog): make sure to always add body property to avoid errors (0a23897ae)
  • fix: self-hosting failing to run without valid serviceAccountKey.json (fehmer) (#5255) (ef72ca685)
  • refactor: rename simple popup to simple modal (82b9323fb)
  • refactor: run prettier (#5265) (0df1ed163)
  • refactor: rewrite page constructor to use an object (fehmer) (#5253) (f7c37b0a1)
  • refactor(ape keys modal): use new modal system (6f75abef7)
  • chore: remove unused code (254e016d3)
  • chore: remove plushie banner (e497a192f)
  • chore(animated modal): add method to get previous modal in chain (7915df57a)

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