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mongo-c-driver 1.26.2

latest release: debian/1.26.2-1
19 days ago

Announcing 1.26.2 of libbson and libmongoc, the libraries constituting the MongoDB C Driver.



  • Fix iteration in bson_strfreev.


Cyrus SASL:

  • Disable plugin loading with Cyrus SASL on Windows by default. To re-enable, set the CMake option CYRUS_PLUGIN_PATH_PREFIX to the absolute path prefix of the Cyrus SASL plugins.


  • Fix possible hang if mongoc_gridfs_file_readv is called with a corrupt chunk with incomplete data.
  • Fix assert with legacy exhaust cursor protocol when connected to server < 4.2.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

  • Kevin Albertson
  • Ezra Chung

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