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Release v1.37.0-beta.3

What's Changed

New Features

  • feat(connection-form): show password only when user focuses on input COMPASS-6161
  • feat: allow updates and deletes on time-series collections COMPASS-6786
  • feat: add autocomplete support for $percentile, $median and $$USER_ROLES COMPASS-6780 COMPASS-6781
  • feat(compass-preferences-model, connection-form, compass-settings): toggle state of "Edit connection string" in connection form is now judged also based on the new global preference
  • feat: update libmongocrypt and driver, re-enable QE tests in 7.0, add test to ensure 6.0 QE data can be read 6601 COMPASS-6602
  • feat(preferences): enable "Modern Dark Mode" by default
  • feat(compass-import-export): add export aggregation code preview to export modal COMPASS-6725

Bug Fixes

  • fix(compass-query-bar): update reset on query bar to reset results and emit query-changed COMPASS-6805

Full Changelog: v1.37.0-beta.2...v1.37.0-beta.3

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