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14 months ago


  • Added postgis version to test settings
  • Add support for Python 3.10 PR #244
  • Support for Django 4.0 PR #236


  • Validate increment_by parameter of seq helper when value is an instance of datetime PR #247
  • Fix a simple typo in bulk_create disclaimer in docs PR #245
  • Allow relation _id fields to use sequences PR #253
  • Fix bulk_create not working with multi-database setup PR #252
  • Conditionally support NullBooleanField, it's under deprecation and will be removed in Django 4.0 PR #250
  • Fix Django max version pin in requirements file PR #251
  • Improve type hinting to return the correct type depending on _quantity usage PR #261


  • Drop official Django 3.1 support. Django 2.2 is still supported, and 3.1 will likely keep working, but it’s not tested PR #236

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