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pre-release11 months ago

Welcome to the 0.9.0-rc2 release of buildkit!
This is a pre-release of buildkit

Notable Changes

  • Fix progress regression in v0.9.0-rc1`#2254
  • Experimental support for Github Actions remote cache backend via type=gha #1974
  • Outgoing TCP connections are now limited to 4 per registry. Metadata requests get one extra connection not used by layer pulls and pushes. #2259 #2242 #2247
  • Missing /etc/passwd and /etc/group file is now handled gracefully. Important when cross-compiling Windows images. #2249
  • Daemon logs now show traceID and spanID is OpenTelemetry is enabled #2235
  • OpenTelemetry traces now show extra information about outgoing HTTP requests #2238
  • Fix gracefully handling permission errors on accessing tokens from client-side #2234

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