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Welcome to the 0.9.0-rc1 release of buildkit!
This is a pre-release of buildkit

Notable Changes

  • Builtin Dockerfile frontend defaults to v1.3.0-rc1 including support for RUN --network and Here-documents in labs channel. Dockerfile changelog Dockerfile labs changelog

  • Errors have been improved by removing gRPC wrapping and providing suggestions for typos #2218 #2047 #2215 #2183

  • Add support for subdirectories when building from Git source #2116

  • Buildkitd config allows max-parallelism for limiting the parallelism of the BuildKit solver for low-powered machines #2049

  • OpenTracing providers have been replaced with support for OpenTelemetry #2152 #2192

  • New OpenTelemetry support allows forwarding traces with control API from the client or from user programs in llb.Exec container #2163

  • Git: Default branch name is now detected correctly from remote #2228

  • Allow forcing specific compression on exported layers even if another blob exists #2057

  • Plain progress mode now prints last logs of failed command in error summary #2214

  • Plain progress mode does not print to LLB vertex digest anymore to avoid confusion #2126

  • Buildctl allows --metadata-file flag to output build metadata #2095

  • This is the first release supporting Risc-V (experimental) #2222

  • This is the first release supporting MacOS ARM64 and Windows ARM64 for buildctl #2037 #2187

  • Runc has been updated to v1.0.0 GA #2143

  • RootlessKit has been updated to v0.14.2 #2102

  • Embedded QEMU emulators have been updated to v6.0.0 #2225

  • LLB: Root directory can now be copied from empty references without causing an error or panic #2197

  • LLB: Ensure image metadata resolver uses platform constraints set by marshaler #2196

  • LLB: Copy operation now allows include and exclude filters to limit the copied files #2082

  • Stargz snapshotter now supports authentication from Docker config #1733 #2165

  • Support Windows OpenSSH agent forwarding #2127

  • Handle expired tokens errors better #2062 #1957

  • LLB: Support ALL_PROXY as a proxy environment variable that does not stay in build cache #2086

  • Buildkit release images now contain OpenSSH #2135

  • Enable containerd labels in buildctl debug workers and make their order deterministic #2070 #2071

  • Gracefully handle client-side token seed errors #2050

  • Pushing multi-platform images will not try to overwrite image tag internally multiple times. This is important for registries that support immutable tags. #2020

  • Fix logs clipping behavior and double the limits #1934

  • Support socket activation with --addr fd:// #1924

  • Fix issue where Dockerfile with the same metadata and timestamps as another build could pick up its build cache by introducing a "none" differ for transferring local files that ignores metadata matches. #2081

  • Fix rare "retry timeout exceeded" errors in job synchronization #2195

  • Ensure containerd executor always waits for IO to complete before returning from Exec/Run. #2205

  • Fix pulling layers that have already been pulled with different compression. #2226

  • Fix some syncronisation errors #2178 #2177 #2156 #2052 #2051

  • Fix goroutine leak from progress writing #2203

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Tõnis Tiigi
  • Akihiro Suda
  • Aaron Lehmann
  • Sebastiaan van Stijn
  • CrazyMax
  • Tibor Vass
  • Alex Couture-Beil
  • Justin Chadwell
  • Kohei Tokunaga
  • Cory Bennett
  • Erik Sipsma
  • Siebe Schaap
  • Vlad A. Ionescu
  • Levi Harrison
  • Brian Goff
  • Edgar Lee
  • Anders F Björklund
  • Charles Korn
  • Corey Larson
  • Jesse Rittner
  • Justin Garrison
  • Marko Kohtala
  • Omer Mizrahi
  • Pierre Fenoll
  • Rob Taylor
  • Yamazaki Masashi
  • zhangwenlong

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