github moby/buildkit v0.8.2

latest releases: v0.10.3, dockerfile/1.4.2-labs, dockerfile/1.4.2...
16 months ago

Notable changes

  • Apparmor profile can be set in the buildkitd config #1966

  • Seccomp updated to 2.4.2 to fix time64 syscall compatibility issues on 32-bit architectures #1955

  • Update builtin QEMU emulators to fix issues with script handling and add i386 emulator #1953

  • Avoid caching token fetch errors #1957

  • Fix possible invalid cache match on specific copy operation #1965

  • Fix reference count issues when returning typed errors from cache mounts #1963

  • Avoid reusing credentials when checking out git submodules #1987

  • Update Runc to v1.0.0-rc93 #1998

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