github moby/buildkit v0.7.2

latest releases: v0.10.3, dockerfile/1.4.2-labs, dockerfile/1.4.2...
23 months ago


  • solver: gracefully handle cache loading errors #1498
  • remotecache: only visit each item once when walking results #1577
  • cache: avoid possible nil dereference on error handling #1511
  • contenthash: allow security.capability in cache checksum #1526
  • contenthash: treat unix sockets as regular files #1581
  • push: fix race condition on pushing the same layers in parallel #1548
  • inline cache: fix handling of duplicate blobs in same image #1568
  • gateway: fix metadata getting lost on subsolve in external frontend #1449
  • filesync: avoid ignoring close error #1478
  • runc: update runc binary to v1.0.0-rc91 #1553
  • buildctl-daemonless: allow max retries on socket connect for buildctl #1493
  • buildctl-daemonless: fix shell args expansion #1504
  • buildctl-daemonless: show log on startup timeout #1565

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