github moby/buildkit v0.10.1

latest releases: v0.10.3, dockerfile/1.4.2-labs, dockerfile/1.4.2...
2 months ago

Notable changes

  • Builtin Dockerfile frontend updated to 1.4.1
  • Fix buildinfo still including attributes for passed named contexts even if no opt-in #2716
  • Fix possible panic on printing progress groups #2763
  • Fix exporting/extracting certain multi-platform images to Containerd image store #2755
  • Fix sending correct User-Agent #2776
  • Update Continuity and Containerd to v1.6.2. Fixes regression on pulling certain images with native snapshotter and possible deadlocks on error handling. #2764
  • Update Stargz snapshotter to v0.11.3. Fixes possible missing file issue #2732

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