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Notable changes

  • COPY --link and ADD --link allow copying files with increased cache efficiency and rebase images without requiring them to be rebuilt. --link copies files to a separate layer and then uses new LLB MergeOp implementation to chain independent layers together. #2596 Documentation

  • Heredocs support have been promoted from labs channel to stable. This feature allows writing multiline inline scripts and files #2589 Documentation

  • Additional named build contexts can be passed to build to add or overwrite a stage or an image inside the build. A source for the context can be a local source, image, Git, or HTTP URL. #2521 #2550 #2549 Buildx Documentation

  • When using a cross-compilation stage, the target platform for a step is now seen on progress output #2576

  • BUILDKIT_SANDBOX_HOSTNAME build-arg can be used to set the default hostname for the RUN steps. #2373

  • Fixes for some cases where Heredocs incorrectly removed quotes from content #2442

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