github mittwald/kubernetes-replicator v2.0.0

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4 years ago


cf13f3e Add support for binaryData
fb328c1 Bump client-go to 10.0
e15a739 Make serviceAccount name in deployment match what is created in rbac
7e5f593 Merge branch 'ajp-lqx-patch-1'
02fc04a Merge branch 'cloudant-module'
548e2aa Merge branch 'module' of into cloudant-module
8c688d0 Merge pull request #13 from jamessthompson/jst-fullname
74ac428 Merge pull request #17 from mittwald/maint/goreleaser
95bff8b Use map[string][]byte instead of map[string]string
60ea011 add basic goreleaser
e96fb14 convert to a go module
597e15f fix broken travis.yml
7116fb9 fix go vet
488842e fix travis token
dba1f17 ignore dist
20d80bc update all the things

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