github mitsuhiko/rye 0.3.0

one day ago

What's Changed

  • Support retrieving username and repository-url from credentials if not
    provided for the publish command. #217

  • The installer now validates the availability of shared libraries
    on Linux with ldd and emits an error with additional information
    if necessary shared libraries are missing. #220

  • It's now possible to configure http and https proxies. #215

  • If a package is not found because it only has matching pre-releases,
    a warning is now printed to tell the user to pass --pre. #218

  • Add --username parameter for rye publish. #211

  • The shims are now more resilient. Previously a pyproject.toml file
    caused in all cases a virtualenv to be created. Now this will only
    happen when the rye.tool.managed flag is set to true. The old
    behavior can be forced via the global config. #212

Full Changelog: 0.2.0...0.3.0

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