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Ariadne 0.6.0


  • Updated graphql-core-next to 1.1.1 which has feature parity with GraphQL.js 14.4.0.
  • Added basic extensions system to the ariadne.graphql.graphql. Currently only available in the ariadne.asgi.GraphQL app.
  • Added convert_kwargs_to_snake_case utility decorator that recursively converts the case of arguments passed to resolver from camelCase to snake_case.
  • Removed default_resolver and replaced its uses in library with graphql.default_field_resolver.
  • Resolver returned by resolve_to util follows graphql.default_field_resolver behaviour and supports resolving to callables.
  • Added is_default_resolver utility for checking if resolver function is graphql.default_field_resolver, resolver created with resolve_to or alias.
  • Added ariadne.contrib.tracing package with ApolloTracingExtension and OpenTracingExtension GraphQL extensions for adding Apollo tracing and OpenTracing monitoring to the API (ASGI only).
  • Updated ASGI app disconnection handler to also check client connection state.
  • Fixed ASGI app context_value option support for async callables.
  • Updated middleware option implementation in ASGI and WSGI apps to accept list of middleware functions or callable returning those.
  • Moved error formatting utils (get_formatted_error_context, get_formatted_error_traceback, unwrap_graphql_error) to public API.
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17 months ago