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Ariadne 0.4.0

0.4.0 (2019-05-23)

  • Updated graphql-core-next to 1.0.4 which has feature parity with GraphQL.js 14.3.1 and better type annotations.
  • ariadne.asgi.GraphQL is now an ASGI3 application. ASGI3 is now handled by all ASGI servers.
  • ObjectType.field and SubscriptionType.source decorators now raise ValueError when used without name argument (eg. @foo.field).
  • ScalarType will now use default literal parser that unpacks ast.value and calls value parser if scalar has value parser set.
  • Updated ariadne.asgi.GraphQL and ariadne.wsgi.GraphQL to support callables for context_value and root_value options.
  • Added logger option to ariadne.asgi.GraphQL, ariadne.wsgi.GraphQL and ariadne.graphql.* utils.
  • Added default logger that logs to ariadne.
  • Added support for extend type in schema definitions.
  • Removed unused format_errors utility function and renamed ariadne.format_errors module to ariadne.format_error.
  • Removed explicit typing dependency.
  • Added ariadne.contrib.django package that provides Django class-based view together with Date and Datetime scalars.
  • Fixed default ENUM values not being set.
  • Updated project setup so mypy ran in projects with Ariadne dependency run type checks against it's annotations.
  • Updated Starlette to 0.12.0.
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