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Ariadne 0.3.0

Ariadne 0.3.0 release is focused on further improving the support for GraphQL specification and developer experience. It adds support for subscriptions, enums, interfaces and union GraphQL types, and unifies the API across those types. It also greatly improves developer experience by the inclusion of debug mode, error reporting, and includes graphql, graphql_sync and subscribe wrappers that ease integrations with existing sites greatly. Lastly, it also provides ASGI application that works with asynchronous servers and frameworks like Uvicorn and Starlette


  • Added EnumType type for mapping enum variables to internal representation used in application.
  • Added support for subscriptions.
  • Updated Playground to 1.8.7.
  • Split GraphQLMiddleware into two classes and moved it to ariadne.wsgi.
  • Added an ASGI interface based on Starlette under ariadne.asgi.
  • Replaced the simple server utility with Uvicorn.
  • Made users responsible for calling make_executable_schema.
  • Added UnionType and InterfaceType types.
  • Updated library API to be more consistent between types, and work better with code analysis tools like PyLint. Added QueryType and MutationType convenience utils. Suffixed all types names with Type so they are less likely to clash with other libraries built-ins.
  • Improved error reporting to also include Python exception type, traceback and context in the error JSON. Added debug and error_formatter options to enable developer customization.
  • Introduced Ariadne wrappers for graphql, graphql_sync, and subscribe to ease integration into custom servers.
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21 months ago