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Ariadne 0.2.0

Ariadne 0.2.0 replaces GraphQL-Core with GraphQL-core-next that offers much better compliance with GraphQL specification, supports async query execution and resolvers, and improves library's API and developer experience.


  • Removed support for Python 3.5 and added support for 3.7.
  • Moved to GraphQL-core-next that supports async resolvers, query execution and implements a more recent version of GraphQL spec. If you are updating an existing project, you will need to uninstall graphql-core before installing graphql-core-next, as both libraries use graphql namespace.
  • Added gql() utility that provides GraphQL string validation on declaration time, and enables use of Apollo-GraphQL plugin in Python code.
  • Added load_schema_from_path() utility function that loads GraphQL types from a file or directory containing .graphql files, also performing syntax validation.
  • Added start_simple_server() shortcut function for quick dev server creation, abstracting away the GraphQLMiddleware.make_server() from first time users.
  • Boolean built-in scalar now checks the type of each serialized value. Returning values of type other than bool, int or float from a field resolver will result in a Boolean cannot represent a non boolean value error.
  • Redefining type in type_defs will now result in TypeError being raised. This is a breaking change from previous behavior where the old type was simply replaced with a new one.
  • Returning None from scalar parse_literal and parse_value function no longer results in GraphQL API producing default error message. Instead, None will be passed further down to resolver or produce a "value is required" error if its marked as such with ! For old behavior raise either ValueError or TypeError. See documentation for more details.
  • resolvers argument defined by GraphQLMiddleware.__init__(), GraphQLMiddleware.make_server() and start_simple_server() is now optional, allowing for quick experiments with schema definitions.
  • dict has been removed as primitive for mapping python function to fields. Instead, make_executable_schema() expects object or list of objects with a bind_to_schema method, that is called with a GraphQLSchema instance and are expected to add resolvers to schema.
  • Default resolvers are no longer set implicitly by make_executable_schema(). Instead you are expected to include either ariadne.fallback_resolvers or ariadne.snake_case_fallback_resolvers in the list of resolvers for your schema.
  • Added snake_case_fallback_resolvers that populates schema with default resolvers that map CamelCase and PascalCase field names from schema to snake_case names in Python.
  • Added ResolverMap object that enables assignment of resolver functions to schema types.
  • Added Scalar object that enables assignment of serialize, parse_value and parse_literal functions to custom scalars.
  • Both ResolverMap and Scalar are validating if schema defines specified types and/or fields at the moment of creation of executable schema, providing better feedback to the developer.
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