github mimblewimble/grin v5.0.2


  • 1271b560bcdd23d49f1ec8eb9f7da137c613d81b Bump version to v5.0.2 (#3599)
  • a6ef3d8df774eb75e4381218a2e7f91fe3341ad9 Removing verifier caches (#3598)
  • a1fe831501906546af954cbae0f9cff352004948 [5.0.x] Do not use serde private export (#3544)
  • 1dfd2b48c1d3e4a2f0a9e0dde14b4cf4f82230b3 [5.0.x] inefficient locking on recv of peers lists can result in failure to get peers lock (#3566)
  • 52d18f52213524cb9d4fe89b4a71fa2adc8f7938 fix for missing block under certain startup conditions (#3557)
  • b7a9f7b017ebb0810c522cd17e91a098b0ae5ad4 Safety: check length during deserialization (#3549)

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