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Bug Fixes and Enhancements

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13 months ago

Version 3.3.8 brings many bug fixes and enhancements and is recommended for all users.


  • Documentation for the MQTT interface. Many thanks to minix1234!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in the alsa back end. In the interval between checking that the alsa device handle was non-NULL and actually using it, the handle could be set to NULL. The interval between check and usage is now protected.
  • Fix a bug in the alsa precision timing code. Thanks to durwin99, Nicolas Da Mutten, mistakenideas, Ben Willmore and giggywithit for the report.
  • Fix a bug that caused Shairport Sync to hang, but not actually crash, if an on-... script failed.
  • Fix a crash that occurred if metadata support is enabled during compilation but turned off in the configuration file. Thanks to Tim Curtis for the report.
  • Fix a crash that occurred playing from AirPower on Android. Thanks to Ircama for the report.
  • Fix the file so that --without-<feature> configuration options are not interpreted as --with-<feature> options instead! Thanks to David Racine for the report.


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